National Oral History Organizations

The Oral History Section of SAA  the primary archivists’ professional organization in the U.S. for members interested in oral history, providing resources, news, and leadership opportunities.

Oral History Association (OHA) the national association for oral historians, OHA helps find local oral history programs. Get plugged into the latest oral history news and events, and discover resources  for oral historians from beginners to scholars. 

Digital Oral History and Preservation

Oral History in the Digital Age is a collaborative spearheaded by the OHA addressing common collection and preservation-related questions about oral history in today's digital landscape.

Library of Congress Sound Preservation  this is a resource for oral history sound preservation studies and standards.  draws new voices and creators to public radio and media by offering tools, advice, and community.

KOHC Soundcloud  check out our Soundcloud, featuring clips from oral histories about Halloween, the Kentucky Derby, and more!

Educator Resources

Library of Congress Oral History Social Studies Lesson Plans a resource for social studies lesson plans incorporating the use of oral history in the classroom.

The American Folklife Center provides instructions on planning oral history interviews.

Grant Resources

KOHC Grants Overview  KOHC offers grants twice a year in the form of equipment, training, and funding opportunities for oral history projects.

Free access to oral history kits This program, offered by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA), loans out oral history recording equipment to KY public library patrons at no cost via inter-library loan.


     Oral History Archival Accreditation is an important component of KOHC’s mission to encourage and develop the usage of oral history best practices in Kentucky repositories. The accreditation process ensures that repositories have the necessary capacity and resources to preserve oral histories created by state funds for future generations of Kentuckians. Oral History Archival Accreditation also plays an integral role in KOHC’s function as a steward of oral histories in the Commonwealth and as an incubator for innovation through oral history grants.

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