Kentucky Oral History Programs and Archives
Kentucky Oral History Commission
University of Kentucky Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History
University of Louisville Oral History Center
Western Kentucky University Kentucky Folklife Program
Eastern Kentucky University Berge Center for Oral History
Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College Godbey Appalachian Center
Northern Kentucky University
Murray State University

National Oral History Organizations & Institutes

Oral History Association
National Association for Oral Historians. Locate an oral history program or institute in our own area, keep up with the latest oral history news or find out more about the annual meeting themes and opportunities. This website offers great resource tools for oral historians of all levels of experience.

Digital Oral History and Preservation

Oral History in the Digital Age
A collaborative project to address issues of collection and preservation of oral history interviews, whether audio or video, in the digital age.

Library of Congress Sound Preservation
Sound preservation studies and standards

Digital Omnium
Doug Boyd’s blog providing practical advice about oral history, archives, and digital technologies channels new work and voices to public radio and public media by offering tools, advice, and community.

Legalities & Ethics of Oral History

Pathways to Oral History Access for Kentucky Repositories
While looking at the ultimate goal of access for oral history collections within Kentucky institutions’ care, This decision tree is intended to create pathways for oral history collections to be made publicly accessible. This tool is meant to empower collection holders to provide access to collections within the boundaries of the law and our ethical standards as collection professionals.

A Guide to Oral History and the Law
John Neuenschwander thoroughly explains all the critical legal issues, including legal release agreements; copyright; privacy; screening, editing, and sealing procedures to protect against defamation; the protection of sealed and anonymous interviews from courtroom disclosure; the role of Institutional Review Boards (IRBs); teaching considerations; and the new issues raised by the use of interviews on the Internet. 2010.

Principles and Standards of the Oral History Association
Standards that any oral historian should be aware of before conducting oral history interviews.

Educator's Resources

Library of Congress Teacher Resources (Oral History)
Educator's resources from the LOC for using oral history.

Library of Congress American Folklife Center
Resources for Using Folklife/Ethnography in the classroom.

Dialogue with the Past: Engaging Students and Meeting Standards through Oral History by Glenn Whitman

"Oral History Projects in Your Classroom" by Linda P. Wood, with introduction by Marjorie McLellan, 2001. Another OHA Pamphlet series publication, written for classroom teachers taken directly from real-life classroom oral history projects.


Doing Oral History, Donald A. Ritchie. 2003. Oxford University Press.

The Oxford Handbook of Oral History, Donald A Ritchie. 2010. Oxford University Press.

The Oral History Manual, Barbara W. Sommer and Mary Kay Quinlan. 2010. AltaMira Press.

Curating Oral Histories, Nancy MacKay. 2007. Left Coast Press, Inc.

Handbook of Oral History, edited by Thomas L. Charlton, Lois E. Meyers and Rebecca Sharpless. 2006. AltaMira Press.

An Oral Historian's Work with Edward D. Ives. 1987. Sheldon Weiss Productions.