Rights and Reproduction

Kentucky Historical Society Collections

Pass The Word is a resource intended to help researchers, teachers, and community historians access oral history collections from accredited repositories all across Kentucky. The site has also become the 'go-to' location for finding interviews from the collection at the Kentucky Historical Society. As Pass The Word has transitioned to its current form, we have adjusted from interview-level information for every listing to a focus on collection-level information for all repositories including the Kentucky Historical Society. For this reason, you may be having some difficulty finding interviews that were previously more accessible. We are working on resolving this issue and bringing patrons a more accessible repository-level interface for the Historical Society's interviews. In the meantime, the best authority for knowing what interviews the Historical Society has available (digitized or otherwise) is our manual catalog below.

Kentucky Historical Society Oral History Catalog

Interviews which are listed in the above catalog but not present on Pass The Word are available for access through the Kentucky Historical Society's Rights and Reproductions Process.  Please see the information below on the Kentucky Historical Society website to learn how to make a Rights and Reproductions Request for an interviews. If you experience any issues with the catalog or the Rights and Reproductions Process, please reach out using the Contact Us page on Pass The Word.

Kentucky Historical Society Rights and Reproductions
Go here to learn more about accessing unlisted interviews