Second Presbyterian Church of Lexington

In 1990, the Second Presbyterian Church of Lexington celebrated its 175th anniversary. Beginning in 1815 with fifteen members, this church is one of the largest in the Transylvania Presbytery.  During those 175 years, the church and its members have actively engaged in community and denominational affairs.  Individual members and pastors have played leadership roles in state and national Presbyterian issues. The first pastor, Dr. James McChord, not only was prominent in the Presbyterian Church nationally, but was also the first president of Centre College. Six generations of the Breckenridge Family, including John Cabell Breckenridge and John Bayne Breckenridge, were members of the church. Major emphasis of the interviews is on the history of the church since 1965 (a written history of the church from 1815 to 1965 already exists). The interviews were to bring the history of the church up to date and to be used in the writing of a publication commemorating the church's 175th anniversary.