Logan County (Ky.)


Clarence E. Gamble describes his education in the one-room Union School, 1950. Provides details about the day-to-day operation of the school, supplies, discipline, and the surrounding community. Gamble attended Olmstead High School beginning in 1958, the year it was integrated.


Provides description of teaching methods used during her attendance at Bibbtown. Lists the names of teachers at Knob Citty School [Lgoan County, KY]. Describes teacher training and examination. Began her teaching career at Gordonsville, a one-room school, in 1932. Provides details of the day...


Rev. James O. McKinney describes his experience as an African American student in Warren County, Kentucky, c. 1922. Provides description of the one-room school in the Rich Pond community. Lists several African American teachers and describes their training. Provides details about the start...


Project titled “White Gospel Music in Logan County” conducted by Donald Andre Beisswenger for a folk studies class at Western Kentucky University. Includes interviews with Jeff and Gwen McKinney and Chester Whitescarver about singing schools and white gospel music. Transcript of McKinney...

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