23 interviews. Copyright belongs to the Washington County Public Library and the Kentucky Oral History Commission. Authorization must be granted by these organizations to print or publish by any means archival material to which they hold copyright.


The Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky Oral History Project was a major statewide initiative to document, through oral history interviews, the struggle to end legal segregation in Kentucky between 1930 and 1975. Directed by oral historian Dr. Betsy Brinson, this series of interviews features...


This project includes raw audio & video used to make the documentary Living the Story (an extension of the Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky Oral History Project.).The raw footage was also edited to create hour long videos highlighting some of the individuals interviewed for the Living the...


66 minutes. Rev. James Washington talksabout his family history and growing up in Lexington, Kentucky. He discusses becaming an ironworker apprentice in Louisville, Kentucky and working on buildings made of concrete and steel. He also discusses volunteering spiritual guidance to men in a drug...

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