142 minutes. Suzanne first worked in the G.E. factory in Henderson right out of high school, which had a labor union. She then got married and had 2 children and then divorced at which point she got a job with Kenco plastics in October 1976. The factory floor workers were almost exclusively...


This is an oral history collection chronicling worker's rights for women, primarily in Henderson, KY during the 1970s and 1980s.


This project consists of interviews concerning the Gender and Women's Studies program at UK. Interviewees talk about the challenge of developing the GWS program with limited resources, their goals, and professionalizing and increasing the credibility of the program. Also discussed are...


This project consists of one interview of Sandra Harding conducted in 2002 by Joan Callahan. Harding discusses her early life, education, and career in academia. She also speaks on topics such as Marxism, Feminism, philosophy of science, epistemology, and political philosophy. The complete...

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