Education Integration


Clarence E. Gamble describes his education in the one-room Union School, 1950. Provides details about the day-to-day operation of the school, supplies, discipline, and the surrounding community. Gamble attended Olmstead High School beginning in 1958, the year it was integrated.


Ernest and Willa Mae Bell both attended one-rooms school in rural Logan County, Kentucky. The interview is largely with Mr. Bell who describes the school structure, day-to-day experiences in school, transportation, and discipline. The couple describe the role of the church and the school in...


Describes the school, teachers, and community of Flatwoods in Adair County, Kentucky, providing details about teacher training, discipline, curriculum, day-to-day activities, fundraising, and transportation. First began teaching at Hardyville (Hart County) in 1932, then on to Hodgenville (two-...


This project, “African American Education in South Central Kentucky, 1920 – 1960”, was conducted by Joseph Carl Ruff, and includes 26 interviews with African Americans who were educated in and/or taught in south central Kentucky. Their first-hand accounts provide a unique perspective on the...


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