Kentucky Historical Society

Oral History Interview with Harold McKinney

Date of Interview: 

Thu, 03/29/2018





Boyle County (Ky.), Danville (Ky.), Adair County (Ky.), Centre College, Edward Hatchett, Steven Lynn Beshear, Constitution Square Historic Site, commemorations, Wellness, Community, FEMA, Education

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52 minutes. This interview is a part of the Kentucky 225 Oral History Project. Harold McKinney is the Boyle County Judge/Executive. He was appointed by Governor Steve Beshear in 2008 and is coming up on his 10th year serving his county in this position. McKinney explains his background: his education and career. He discusses the challenges he himself and the city of Danville have faced in the last ten years, and the events and initiatives he is proud of in his community that have occurred in the last ten years. McKinney shares his satisfaction with the "Kentucky Birthday" celebration that occurred on Constitution Square in the city of Danville that was held in the year 2017 to celebrate Kentucky's 225th year of statehood. He believes the relationships formed throughout the planning and execution of this event will continue into future projects. McKinney also shares what he believes makes Kentucky, Kentucky, what makes Kentucky challenging, and how Kentucky can improve upon those challenges in the next 20 years.

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