Kentucky Historical Society

Interview with Tori Murden McClure

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Mon, 11/16/2009




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1 hour, 9 minutes. Tori Murden McClure describes the process of writing her autobiography, A Pearl in the Storm. Murden McClure discusses her education, an A.B. from Smith College, a Masters in Divinity from Harvard University, a Juris Doctor from the University of Louisville School of Law, and a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing from Spalding University. She discusses her professional history where she has worked as Chaplain at Boston City Hospital, the executive director of a shelter for homeless women, as a public policy assistant for the Mayor of Louisville, and for Muhammad Ali to assist with early efforts to create the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville. Murden McClure, while best known as the first woman and first American to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean, she was also the first woman and first American to travel over land to the geographic South Pole, skiing 750 miles from the ice shelf to the pole. She discusses her experience as a mountaineer, and has climbed on several continents and was the first woman to climb Lewis Nunatuck summit in Antarctica. She discusses here creative writing classes at Spalding University which led to the development of her publication. Images Availalbe taken during the 2009 ALS Gala Event at KHS. The boat in the images is McClure's rowboat, the American Pearl. The cold weather gear in the images is from her South Pole expidition.

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