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Interview with Samuel Robinson

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Thu, 12/07/2000




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Dr. Robinson's heritage helped him to choose the intellectual life and he continued in college and got his masters' degree. He tells about being involved in an integrated church group while in college, as well as the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), which did test-runs of drive-in restaurants in Nashville. Whitney Young, Sr. hired him to come to the Lincoln Institute, a boarding school in Simpsonville. He soon became the Principal of the Institute, and when it closed, the Principal of the Lincoln School. This was a national pilot residential school for gifted, disadvantaged students which lasted for three years. Robinson describes how Young worked to make the Lincoln Institute a Teachers Center for Kentucky State and thus to secure the school. In the process he deeded the land to the state in 1945. Mr. Tiding of the Lincoln Foundation separated from the Institute in the 60's and moved his office to Louisville. Robinson describes some of the outstanding students at the Lincoln School, but also how it was "too far out" to survive more than 3 years. Robinson became principal of Shawnee High School and then took some time to complete his doctorate. When he moved into a white neighborhood in 1970, he found unfriendly neighbors. He tells about his contact with Martin Luther King, Jr. and Whitney Young, Jr. Transcript available.

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