Kentucky Historical Society

Interview with Samuel Hughes

Date of Interview: 

Tue, 07/29/2014





Poverty, Segregation, black history, colored schools, African American history, Education

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92 minutes. Rev. Sammy Huges discusses his early family history from the 1860s. He remembers his long walk to school as a child and attending the Rosenwald School. He dropped out of school early because he needed to help with family income, taking odd jobs to get by. His familys tobacco base was reduced and part was given to a white family. He discusses being primarily raised by 4 aunts and descibes his home as having no running water or indoor bathroom. He discusses the homes and churches his father built. He served in the military and earned his GED and later Business Administration degree from Lindsey Wilson College. He became a teacher. His parents were Josephine Huges and Zack E. Hughes. He was born in 1951 in Columbia, KY.

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