Interview with Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine, Issue 6




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MEDIA F451.6.P 1990 No.6

Side A:
Native Gobblers: The Wild Turkey Returns - George Wright, wild life biologist from Princeton, talks about the Wild Turkey Restoration Project in 118 Kentucky counties (Fayette and Bourbon Counties do not have the right habitat). Funded by the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department.
Bald Knob String Band: Newtime Music - The development of the Bald Knob String Band. They play without amplification.
Propane: Because He's Tired of Being Cold - Bald Knob String Band plays their song, "Propane."
The Procession Never Moves: A Monument - The Maplewood Cemetery, of Mayfield, Kentucky, has sixteen life size grave monuments erected by Colonel Henry Woolridge in memory of his family, his hunting dog, his horse "Fop", and two foxes.
Heyalrightnowwhatayagonnagiveforit... - Auctioneer competition, finalists. Bob Haley was the winner.

Side B:
Shelia Lay: Born In A Dresser Drawer - Sheila Lang was the first woman to win the Kentucky Auctioneer Championship.
Reward: $5000... For a Fishing Reel? - Kentucky Fishing and Wildlife employee, John Wilson discusses the reel collection at the Kentucky Historical Society. Tom Joyner, a collector of antique Kentucky reels.
Kissing Bridge: Only 12 Are Left - The disappearance of "Kissing Bridges" in Kentucky.
Gospel Quartet: 3 Times A Champion - Liberty Boys, a gospel quartet with members from Graves and Marshall Counties, three time winner of the gospel quartet competition at the Kentucky State Fair. They have competed in the national gospel quartet five times.
It's A Matter Of Time: The Liberty Boys - The Liberty Boys sing their song, "It's A Matter Of Time."

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