Western Kentucky University, Special Collections Library

Interview with Oral Lee Thomas

Date of Interview: 

Mon, 06/08/1987





Mammoth Cave National Park, Civilian Conservation Corps, CCC, Great Depression, World War II

Call Number: 

FA 81 B1,F4

Oral Lee Thomas discusses his experiences as an enrollee and fire dispatcher in the CCC at Mammoth Cave National Park, Camp 3. Topics include the role of the military in the CCC, training, recreation at the Mammoth Cave CCC camps, the salary system, project assignments, local reaction to development of the park, other corp members, CCC education programs, camp interaction, dating local girls, relationships with the local residents, and local moonshiners. Tape index, transcript, and audio file are available.

Click the following links to access an OHMS version of the interview: https://bit.ly/2O9TDYV and https://bit.ly/2Qn6Ija

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