Kentucky Historical Society

Interview with Michael Duckworth

Date of Interview: 

Sun, 07/26/2009




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42 minutes. Michael Duckworth is a third generation miner with ten years experience in the coal mining industry. Despite turning down his first three mining job offers, he is now a boss over the newest generation of miners at Freedom Mine in Henderson County. He is following his father and grandfather into the industry. He describes his working relationships with the "orange hats" (new miners), he explains close calls he has experienced with mining equipment and falling rock. His father is disabled from an injury sustained through mining. Michael discusses safety improvements over the past five to ten years, particularly the issue of increased federal regulations, as well as the ongoing misrepresentation of the mining industry in the media. Topics include family tradition and influence, United Mine Workers Association violence, recent safety improvements, miner initiations, miner camaraderie, MSHA regulations, media misrepresentation, the new mining generation, and mine management.

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