Kentucky Historical Society

Interview with Mervin Aubespin

Date of Interview: 

Fri, 10/22/1999




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Aubespin describes his racial background and growing up in a racially and culturally mixed Louisiana community. As a young student at Tuskegee, he found himself participating in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. After a period of teaching and working as an artist in Louisville, Aubespin became the first Black staff artist at the Courier Journal. He tells how the CJ depended on him to get the story of the riot at 28th and Evergreen and how this led to promotions and opportunities for him. He tells also of the doors he was able to open for other African Americans to get jobs and how he has become an expert on minorities in the media. Aubespin relays his activities as a young teacher supporting the NAACP youth who led the various protests to open up public accommodations in Louisville in the 1960s. Transcript available.

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