Kentucky Historical Society

Interview with Mary Louise Patterson & Margaret Ann Patterson

Date of Interview: 

Thu, 06/29/1978





Education, Agriculture, lynching, Morgan, John Hunt,

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The Misses Patterson talk about their life and life style in Elizabethtown: recall businesses and individuals in Elizabethtown, mention what they were told of the 1901 fire: speaks of schools where she taught and her experiences: recalls Mr. Holcomb and the Holcomb Farm: remember Mr. Stewart and the establishment of the Stewart Educational Fund for teachers, goals of the fund: tell of attending the Bethlehem Academy (a Catholic girls school), teachers, daily life in the school and experiences: tell what they were told of a lynching and of shootings that they remember in Elizabethtown: recall stories told them by their grandfather (a cavalryman with John Hunt Morgan), firing cannon at Elizabethtown, an incident when crossing the Kentucky River: tell of the first production of agricultural lime in the state by their father. Other topics discussed include the peach industry, McCann's House, illnesses, forbidden pleasures, Eggen School, Buffalo School, and New Stithton School.

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