Kentucky Historical Society

Interview with Margaret A. Walsh

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Tue, 07/25/1978




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Mrs. Walsh recalls how she and her husband became involved in the production of musical programs at Devou Park, performers were professionals from the night clubs in the area: impairment and cessation of programs due to the U. S. Senate Hearings by Senator Kefauver: comments on the "Kentucky Club", a nightclub/restaurant/casino managed by her husband. [Note: Side 1 and 1/4 of side 2 focus on Margaret and John Walsh's work organizing the concerts in Devon Park from 1936-1955. Margaret talks about the entertainment, crowds, and behind the scenes organizing. The second half of side 2 concentrates on her work as a court stenographer for Judge Goodenough and their (she and her husbands) work managing the Kentucky Club. Xerox copy of photographs of John R. Walsh in 1947 and Margaret Walsh in 1951 available.

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