Interview with Lee Bagley

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Wed, 03/28/2012



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Lee Bagley, architect, discusses his education and career as an architect. Talks about his work with KSU. He discusses the restoration of the Old Federal Building. He explains that it is important to consider the cultural as well as physical history of a building, to study the building in depth including the history of paint colors and the type of limestone used. It was built between 1883 and 1887. Flooding of the basement is a problem because drainage tiles fro the roof carry water to the basement. The conditions are not suitable for archiving collections. He talks about the outreach programs of KSU and discusses the plans for the river exhibit and boat education program. He discusses the history and politics from the post Civil War era through the 1880's as related to the Federal Building and KSU. Talks about length about Frank Lloyd Wright's life and architecture.

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