Western Kentucky University, Special Collections Library

Interview with Kathryn A. Curd Kadel

Date of Interview: 

Fri, 08/14/1987





Mammoth Cave National Park, Civilian Conservation Corps, CCC, Great Depression, World War II, Recreation

Call Number: 

FA 81 B3,F7

Kathryn A. Curd Kadel discusses her husband's, Dick Kadel, experiences as camp commander at Mammoth Cave National Park, Camp 4. Topics include their meeting, Thanksgiving dinner at the camp, the 1937 flood relief work, their courtship, Dick's nickname and camp duties, free time, camp projects, families of camp leaders that lived in Cave City, the ferry, interaction among the camps, CCC relationships with the local community, race relations, her opinion of the CCC program, working in for the CCC at Ft. Knox and comparing it to Mammoth Cave, work after leaving the CCC, the Old Mammoth Cave Hotel, and memorabilia she kept from Camp 4. Mrs. Kadel also talks about her personal background. Tape index, transcript, and audio file are available..

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