Kentucky Historical Society

Interview with Garland Hoskins

Date of Interview: 

Sat, 09/30/2017





WWII, rural life, Farm life, gliders, wire men, General George S. Patton

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111 minutes. Recorded for the James Harrod Trust. Garland Hoskins describes his childhood in rural Anderson County and his memories of Releford School. He then provides a detailed account of his military service in World War II. Trained as a wire man, he was selected to serve with the 101st Airborne Glider Infantry. He discusses the role gliders played on D-Day at Normandy and at Eindhoven, Holland. Mr. Hoskins then takes his listeners to a small village near Bastogne where he spend Christmas Day 1944, surrounded by the enemy. He shares how General George S. Patton and the Third Army broke through the German line to rescue the American troops. He then discusses Hitler's Crows Nest at Berchtesgaden. He closes his interview by sharing his memories of his return to his home on Kentucky and his 70 year marriage to Corinne Drury Hoskins.

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