Western Kentucky University, Special Collections Library

Interview with Elmer Britt

Date of Interview: 

Fri, 09/04/1987





Mammoth Cave National Park, Civilian Conservation Corps, CCC, Great Depression, World War II, Recreation

Call Number: 

FA 81 B4,F5

Elmer Britt describes his experiences in the CCC at Mammoth Cave National Park, Camp 1. Topics include daily military-like drills, the salary system, camp projects, playing baseball and basketball for camp teams, fire tower duty, leaving the CCC, free time, recreational activities including dances at the Whoopee House, pranks, CCC relationships with the local community, dating local girls, his opinion of the CCC, contributions and problems, and work after leaving the CCC. Mr. Britt also talks about his personal background. Tape index, transcript, and audio file are available.

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