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Interview with Ellison Meaux

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Sat, 04/26/2014





Oregon Road, Lloyd Houchins, Farris Jones, Cordie (Walker) Jones, Meaux Chapel AME Church, Meldora, Rochella Turner, Clement, Maureen, Delcie, Maudie, Morrison, Van and Causten, Dividing Ridge Baptist Church, Mayo School, Charley Walker, Dave Coleman, George and Lottie Meaux, Sylvia Meaux, Caleb Bottoms, Mayo-Talmadge Rd, Providence Church, Unity Baptist Church, Keene, West Side School, Salvisa and McAfee School, Johnny Meaux, Lincoln Institute, Sullivan Business College, Indian Creek Road, A. R. Brown Grocery, Terrapin, Cudahy, A & P Grocery, Lincoln Institute, Western Auto, Jerry Tyler, Con Johnson, Bobby Meaux, Elizabeth Burrus, White Hall, Craig's Chapel, AME Church Corbin, Johnny Cunningham, Eaton, Signet, Medine, Ricardo Meaux, Russell Meaux, Ruby and Venus Meaux, Elizabeth Ann Sleet, Finley Cunningham, Star Bethel Baptist, Leon and Carrie Sneed, Gravel Switch, J P Hatchett, Skeeter Reed, Dedman, Dora Jones, Myrtle Woods, Harold Lanham, Horace Taylor, Ritchie Bottoms, Bill Barnett, Blanche Silkman

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123 minutes. Ellison Meaux shares his memories of his childhood and youth in rural Mercer County during the 1950's and 1960's. One of nine children, his parents taught each of their children the importance of faith, family, education, and hard work. Farming methods of the 1950's are discussed as well as foods, home remedies, entertainment, schools, and churches for blacks in northern Mercer County. He also shares his feelings when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and when President Barack Obama was first elected. She was born in Mercer County, KY in 1950. Her parents were Garnetta Jones Meaux and Ambrose Meaux. Other topics include: Church Rallies at Black churches in northern Mercer County & Baptisms in Salt River; Meaux Chapel AME Church; Dividing Ridge Baptist Church, cemetery, and adjacent school; Affirmative Action; Racial Prejudice; Ku Klux Klan; Military Service including Vietnam; Hog Killing; McMurtry's Frozen Food Locker in Harrodsburg; Family Altar; School Integration

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