Kentucky Historical Society

Interview with Edward T. Breathitt

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Thu, 02/24/2000




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After being elected Governor, Breathitt tried to get a Civil Rights bill passed in 1964. He describes the opposition he faced and the lack of support. He tells about going out to get people into the legislature who would be supportive, mentioning many of these legislators and the roles they played. He discussed the newspapers in Louisville and Lexington and the positions they took. He tells about his cooperation with the March on Frankfort in 1964 in as effort to enact Civil Rights legislation, of the assistance he got from the federal government in drafting legislation, of meeting with Martin Luther King, Jr. and others following the march. Governor Breathitt responded to President Johnson's call to secure support for national Civil Rights legislation from the Governor's Conference which was crucial to its ultimate passage. And he speaks with appreciation about the opportunity he then had to serve on the Presidential Commission to Fulfill These Rights. Transcript available.

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