Kentucky Historical Society

Interview with Don Pratt

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Thu, 04/06/2000




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Pratt recalls growing up in Lexington and his activities while at the University of Kentucky. While working his paper routes, Pratt was exposed to various family problems which had an impact on him. He found that the children following him like a Pied Piper. In college at the UK, he was involved in a trip to Atlanta to learn about Civil Rights and in helping organize activities for the Anti-Vietnam War effort. He came to feel that he could not recommend that others refuse the draft unless he did also and he was thus incarcerated. He tells about being in a position, because of his job, to learn about the efforts (or lack of effort) to integrate UK Basketball. He mentions a number of people who were involved in these activities with him. His early interest in children has persisted in his work with foster children. Transcript available.

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