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Interview with David Taylor

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Sat, 10/26/2013





Comlngo, Comlngore, Jonn Cunnlngnam, Bev Wiliams: Leo Cannon, Virgil Chapman, Nevada, Lewis Meaux, Elmer Gibson, Abie, Ed Musick, James Harrod, Burrus, Raywick and Loretto, Jim Patterson, Johnny James, Fields, Ft. Polk, La. : Nalley and Mudd, Charlie Corn, Oscar Gortney, Leesburg, T. S. Moore, John Houston Graves, Don Billy Robinson, Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church, I. C. "Bud" James, Ernest Wilham, Hop Ingram, Shootie Bridgewater, Freddy Whiteside, Bill Stevens, Watts and Durr, Terrapin, Jake Gray, Earl Dean, Claunch Lane, Robert Byrd, Stone Manor, James Oliver Gray, Oscar Sanders, Glave Sims, John S. Cooper, Bill Rawlings, Rose Hill, Neal Bowman, Sparrow Lane, Dee Huddleston, Catherine Valeria Wright, George Chinn, Cornelius Terhune, John Davidson, Eunice Jones, Harry Taylor, Henry Pennington, R. H. Gash, Brad Guthrie, Joe Gill, Kennedy's Bridge, Mike Conover, Wendell Gritton, Amos Black, Walter Patrick, Cliff French, Martha Shy, John Dillinger, Stephen Shewmaker, Clarkie Mayfield, Bert Green, Slone Eastland, Marion and Janice Souder

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125 minutes. David Taylor discusses the Nevada & Leesburg communities of westem Mercer County as well as his education at Rose Hill School, Mercer County High School, EKU, & UK College of Law. He shares stories of Prohibition, early court cases, Ku Klux Klan activity in the Nevada area, his association with I.C. James (Mercer County attorney), and his own experiences as Harrodsburg Police Judge. He shares his firsthand experiences at the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire on May 28,1977. Active in politics since his teen years, Taylor discusses Mercer county politics and his role with the Democratic party. Taylor was borni n Mercer County in 1942 to the parents of Christine Terhune Tyalor and Dewey LaGrande Taylor. African American community of Leesburg (03:31 & 113:00); Rose Hill School; Viet Nam (10:30); Integration at Mercer County High School (8:32); Adj. Gen. T.S. Moore (12:53); I.C. "Bud" James (13:25); Neal Bowman Trial & Col. George M. Chinn (19:20); John Dillinger (26:14); Prohibition (29:14); Andrew Jackson (37:11); Mercer County Fair (38:21); Courthouse & Underground cave systems (43:22); Artifacts at Old Fort (46:23); Politics (49:46); Beverly Hills Supper Club & Clarkie Mayfield (95:00; Ku Klux Klan (113:00); German POW's at Damell Hospital aka Northpoint(120:00)

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