Kentucky Historical Society

Interview with Charles Neblett

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Wed, 06/26/2002




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Charles Neblett, who was one of the Freedom Singers of the 60's, tells of his family heritage, his early years in Kentucky and Tennessee and going to college at Southern Illinois University where he began organizing for desegregation. At this time he made connections with SNCC and with singers who later form the Freedom Singers. He provides an inside view of voter registration work in the Mississippi Delta, facing the Klan in various demonstrations, traveling and singing with the Freedom Singers as an organizing tool, and the importance of music in the movement. Neblett reveals his experience with SNCC and the Black Power Movement and his decision to return to Kentucky in the 70's where he got involved in the community, running for political offices. At the end he reflects on the current struggle and challenges that will face young people. Transcript available.

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