Kentucky Historical Society

Interview with Cathy Barnard

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Thu, 02/19/2009




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59 minutes. Cathy Barnard was the first woman principal in the consolidated schools of Oldham County, was offered that position at LaGrange Elementary in 1989 and served in that capacity for nine years. She helped bring in the Master of Arts Teaching School to LaGrange Elementary to help Oldham County elementary schools achieve the new requirements of the Education Reform Act in 1990. She established school nurses, a free breakfast and lunch program, a computer lab, the Leopard Club, the Leopard Store and other programs to build self-esteem and leadership skills in the student body. Her career as a middle school and elementary school teacher spanned 11 years prior to her principal position. She was also the first woman president of the LaGrange Rotary Club; president of the Kentucky Association for Elementary School Principals; named Number One Principal in the State of Kentucky (which disqualified her from the National Principal of the Year Award for which she was considered). She is currently an associate with the Bully Free Classroom Program to help children recognize and address the problem of bullying in schools.

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