Kentucky Historical Society

Interview with Catherine Warner

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Thu, 07/13/2000




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Catherine Warner looks back on the value of her black school experience, through 6th grade, and contrasts it to integrated schools where she no longer felt comfortable and able to learn. All her efforts went into trying to fit in and then she became a radical high school student active in Lexington CORE. Toward the end of the interview Warner continues her critique of the school system which she says grooms criminals. Much of the interview is devoted to a history of the Roots & Heritage Festival which was an important way for her to reclaim her culture and for Lexington to reclaim its history. She tells about working with Ann and Chester Grundy, and with Councilman Michael Wilson and Mayor Baseler to start the Festival. She describes the NIA Camp, another important educational effort to connect youth to their African -American history and culture. Transcript available.

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