Kentucky Historical Society

Interview with Carroll Burdick

Date of Interview: 

Sun, 08/20/1978




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Mr. Burdick talks about other activities that took place at the Latonia Jockey Club Race Track: Labor Day party or celebration put on by the labor unions: political rallies that were held there: he remembers people from the racing business gathering at the corner of Southern and Decoursey - called Ritte's Corner, the businesses and activities there. Interview log available. Other topics including outstanding race horses, jockeys, trainers stables, and the Third International Special. [Louis Marshall comments some during this interview also]. Horses mentioned include: Sarazen, Epinard, Princess Doreen, The Bull, Flags, In Memoriam, Zev, Dr. Clark, Friz, Red Red Rose, Clonaster, Stable/Owner, Dixiana, Camden, Whitney, Greentree, Idle Hour Farm, Jack Weaver.

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