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Interview with Bonita Lasley & Sylvia White & Lottie Alexander

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Thu, 08/08/2002




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Bonita Lasley attended all black schools in Adair County until her final semester of high school when a federal court order allowed her to attend the newer consolidated high school. She discusses her experience in the charge, Jackman School (the black school that burned down in 1953) and race relations in Columbia since the 1950s. Class of 1961, Adair County High School. Ms. White has lived all her life in the predominately black area of Columbia and grew up next door to the Jackman School. She describes the segregated society of the town and the county, her teachers and the transition to integrated schools. Mrs. Alexander described the Jackman School and her experiences there. She also told of her negative experience with whites. . Transcript available.

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