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Interview with Blaine Hudson

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Wed, 08/23/2000




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Blaine Hudson, who is a professor of History at the University of Louisville, tells of his family background and his experiences of going from all Black elementary schools to primarily White high schools in Louisville. Much of his interview deals with the challenge which he and the Black Student Union presented to the University of Louisville. Due to their very focused approach, he indicates that much of their 1968 proposal was ultimately achieved and continues 30 years later. He describes how, in the process, negotiations broke down, how the students then took over a building and were arrested and jailed. He tells about the court case and how they got off, about what he did when he was not allowed to return to the UL for one year and about his decision to return in the Spring of 1970. Hudson makes reflective comments about what was accomplished and about the Civil Rights Movement generally. Transcript available.

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