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Interview with Barbara Hudson

Date of Interview: 

Sat, 02/22/2014





Harrod Shop, Mrs. lloyd Lay, Coming Glass Works, Onita Burton, Ethel Bradshaw, Fannie Peart Jackson, Mary Hudson, Mattie & John Short (Springfield), Mary & Jacob Kendrick, Dr. Lowery, West Broadway, Dr. Rightmyer, Frances Short, First Baptist Church, Centennial Baptist Church, J 0 Short, Trayne(s Grocery, Wilma Cunningham, Broadway Cafe, Wagon Wheel Restaurant, Chiles Street, Mary Kalherine Bryant, Jolly 17 & Twelve Clouds of Joy, "Tonk", Louisville Store, Lincoln Store, Broaddus, Hamilton's Shoe Store, Newberry's Store, Harrod Theatre, Club Cherry, Mrs. Pelsor, lloyd Price, Bobby Allen, Jeanette Taylor, Annis Hays, Diane Williams, Roberta Cunningham, Anita Reed, Delores Hudson, Scalpers, Ansel Smnh, Frank Bartleson, Freddy and Melvin Brown, Larry Barnett, Sister Marie Hunn, Western Ky Vocational School, Clara Clelland,

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86 minutes. Mrs. Hudson, a retired factory worker, discusses her childhood and adolescence in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, during the 1950's and 1960's. She discusses family life for African American families as well as her early education at West Side School. After her graduation from 8th grade, she experienced an integrated educational environment at Harrodsburg High School. She relates her experiences at the Freedom March in Frankfort in 1964 and her reaction to the election of President Barack Obama. She was born in Harrodsburg, KY in 1946. Her parents were Nettie Kendrick Short adn John D. Short, Jr. Other topics include: Freedom March of 1964 in Frankfort, Kentucky; Racism; School Integration; West Side School (Grades 1 through 8) ;Experiences at Harrodsburg High School

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