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This collection began with the Kentucky Oral History Commission's effort to establish oral history programs in each of the state's 120 counties. County libraries worked with local volunteers to collect interviews. Since 1987, county oral histories have been generated primarily by recipients of technical assistance grants from the commission that provide training and equipment to volunteer interviewers. Interviews donated by independent researchers are also included. Copyright belongs to Kentucky Oral History Commission. Authorization must by granted by KOHC to use or publish by any means the archival material to which KOHC holds copyright.

Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
James Holt Betty Vaught
Othie Gregory, Nancy Smith Sharon Vanhoosier
Kennith Massey Unknown
04/09/1974 Reulee Davis Fisher Don Orwen
05/23/1974 Reulee Davis Fisher Joanne Buchanan
09/14/1976 T. B. Griffin, Sr. (Mrs.) Colleen Garland
09/17/1976 F. P. Hays (Mrs.) Betty Vaught
03/12/1977 Bill Viras Betty Vaught
03/29/1977 Pearlie Pennington Joanne Buchanan
04/01/1978 Mary Allie Cundiff Cester S. Walker
05/05/1978 Neil Colmer Bob Price
05/10/1978 Oscar Carter Stephen Bumgardner
05/25/1978 Bernice Mitchell Charles Bianchi
08/24/1978 Willis Green May Gail Benedict
09/08/1978 Gladys F. Young Bridges Gail Benedict
09/13/1978 Elizabeth Perkins Thatcher Richardson Gail Benedict
09/14/1978 Donald F. Orwin Gail Benedict
09/19/1978 Joseph A. Mize Frederick "Fred" E. Duff
09/21/1978 Ata L. Lee Gail Benedict
09/21/1978 Florence Weddle Gail Benedict
09/22/1978 Gertrude Toby Perkins Elizabeth "Libby" Crane
09/24/1978 Faye Ila Patterson Brown Patrick Patterson
10/04/1978 Mattie Mae Barnett Reid Gail Benedict
10/05/1978 Gladys Bridges Gail Benedict
10/10/1978 Lee Davis Fisher Gail Benedict
10/12/1978 Etta Hargis Mimi Skelton
11/19/1978 Joseph Allen "Joe" Montgomery, Sr. Joseph Allen "Joe" Montgomery, Jr.
01/29/1979 W. E. McAlpin Bob McAlpin
02/26/1979 John M. Mize Bob McAlpin
03/28/1979 George M. Sandridge George R. Edwards
03/29/1979 Sterling Zimmerman Kathy Coffey
03/31/1979 Grace S. Ragon Janice Marie Avera
09/04/1979 Burniece Eldridge Owens Scott Jewell Williams Thomas
10/11/1979 James Michael Winters Shelia Joy Bullock
10/18/1979 Charles F. Hall Burniece Scott
11/01/1979 Vola Trimble Burniece Scott
11/08/1979 Otis D. Herrin Burniece Scott
11/16/1979 Delia Neeley Burniece Scott
11/16/1979 Pearl Dutton Burniece Scott
11/29/1979 Kenneth Gibbs Burniece Scott
11/29/1979 Lee Davis Fisher Burniece Scott
12/07/1979 Ora Ethel Acton Todd Burniece Scott
01/09/1980 Joseph O. Van Hook Burniece Scott
01/16/1980 Ruby McCalister Mink Burniece Scott
01/20/1980 Lucy Mabel Cress Fitzgerald Burniece Scott
01/23/1980 Everett Newfon Dick Burniece Scott
01/23/1980 Hazel Richardson Perkins Ledford Burniece Scott
01/31/1980 Alonzo Virthel McGahan Burniece Scott
02/20/1980 Norman Hall Burniece Scott
04/06/1980 Glenda A. Campbell Lola Hargis
04/13/1980 Elsie Faulkner Karen Story
05/05/1980 Raymond Morris, Catherine Morris James Finley
05/09/1980 Ola Bates Kuhnapfel Sally Whitaker
05/10/1980 Wilma Hughes Lola Hargis
05/21/1980 Tom Hibbard, Sherri Hibbard Sally Whitaker
06/04/1980 Donald G. Harbaum Sally Whitaker
06/11/1980 Hepsa Barnes Sally Whitaker
06/26/1980 Minnie Mayfield Sally Whitaker
08/12/1980 Arthur Whitsett Boone, Sr. Lola Hargis
08/13/1980 John Campbell Lola Hargis
08/18/1980 Clay Rainwater Lola Hargis
08/21/1980 Sarah Muse Lola Hargis
10/07/1980 Albert Tate Sally Whitaker
11/21/1980 Elizabeth Nora Hess Duncan Unknown
11/22/1980 Lawrence Whiles Judy M. Field
12/12/1980 Angie Irene Pierce Turpen Judy Mofield
03/23/1981 Delphia Lucretia Deboe Miller Helen Miller
03/23/1981 Nora Elizabeth Hess Duncan Cathy Neal
04/04/1981 Sarah Pitman Eastman, Mary Thomas Williams Scott Bolze
04/13/1981 John T. Wilson Pam McClendon
06/01/1981 Bernice Mitchell Rose M. Hullett
06/03/1981 Gladys C. Davis Childers Rose M. Hullett
06/08/1981 William F. "Bill" Cline Rose M. Hullett
06/15/1981 William Robert "Bob" Grider Rose M. Hullett
06/16/1981 Nancy Newell Rose M. Hullett
06/16/1981 Gladys C. Davis Childers Rose M. Hullett
06/24/1981 Carrie Lee Popplewell Dyer Rose M. Hullett
06/25/1981 Burniece Mitchell Rose M. Hullett
06/25/1981 Charles Robert "Bob" Cox Ellene Bryant
07/01/1981 Lucille S. Fitzgerald Doyle Rose M. Hullett
08/03/1981 Nancy Newell Rose M. Hullett
08/05/1981 Myrl V. Wright Floyd Rose M. Hullett
08/12/1981 Mattie Irene Smith Rose M. Hullett
11/12/1981 Mollie Vanhoosier Sharon Vanhoosier
11/30/1981 Mildred Etta Jones Dozier Sharon Vanhoosier
12/29/1981 Jacob Oscar Eastham Sharon Vanhoosier
12/31/1981 Gertrude Ellen Toby Perkins Sharon Vanhoosier
01/08/1982 Joanna Gayle Renner Sharon Vanhoosier
01/15/1982 John R. Wempe Sharon Vanhoosier
01/22/1982 Charles Larry Wilson Sharon Vanhoosier
01/29/1982 Weldon P. Barker Sharon Vanhoosier
02/11/1982 Doug Stephens Sharon Vanhoosier
02/12/1982 Ray Bray Sharon Vanhoosier
02/18/1982 Doris Todd Cundiff Sharon Vanhoosier
02/26/1982 Gene Gordon Branscum Sharon Vanhoosier
03/05/1982 Marjorie Y. "Margie" Barrett Sharon Vanhoosier
03/18/1982 Perry Joseph Pushell Sharon Vanhoosier
03/19/1982 Cindy Molen Sharon Vanhoosier
09/22/1982 Florida Ellen Vaught Hamilton Ellene Bryant
04/14/1983 John F. Moore, Jr. Jerry Baker
04/23/1983 Lucian Lee Prows Lisa Prows
05/06/1983 Jacob V. Garner Jimmy York
05/08/1983 Donald R. Weston Arthur McClendon
05/08/1983 Patricia E. Johnson Arthur McClendon
05/09/1983 Jack Guinn Morris Lynn New
02/16/1984 Jon Thompson Richard Brent White
03/24/1984 Chester Arther Burge Harold Gregory
03/28/1984 Roscoe D. Kelley Harold Gregory
04/10/1984 Margy Johns Shirley Hargis
07/24/1984 Howard Madison Hamm Paul Hamm
08/03/1984 Viola Blanche Collins Hamm Christian Black
11/07/1985 Effie Catherine Hines Smith Donna Wooton Wheeldon
12/10/1985 Primrose Frances Edwards Bowling Charles Bowling
12/16/1985 Mae Emerson Jamie Helm Morgan