Lindsey Wilson College, Katie Murrell Library

Oral History Interviews

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Most of these interviews are by students in political history and Kentucky studies classes at Lindsey Wilson College.

Topics include the history of the college, family and personal histories, the history of Adair County, the history of Glens Fork, farming, tobacco farming, threshing wheat, lye soap making, spinning, butter churning, beekeeping, hunting, fishing, folk toys, cockfighting, raising gamecocks, raising and breeding horses, genealogy, superstitions, water witching, haunted houses, ghost stories, ginseng digging, sorghum making, hog killing, sausage making, curing ham, doll making, quilting, arrowhead collecting, shingle making, bluegrass music, Christmas customs, marriage customs, medicine, grist mills, sawmills, religion and the ministry, crimes (shootings, stabbings, and robberies), hangings, military experiences, Monroe County politics, the Tim Lee Carter family, the administration of Governor Lawrence W. Wetherby, the history of blacks in Adair County, education for blacks in Adair County in the early twentieth century, teaching, one-room schools, the Gradyville flood (June 7, 1907), the history of athletic coaching in Kentucky, the Trabue-Russell House, the Battle of Tebb's Bend (July 4, 1863), and one interviewee's experiences in the Congo in Africa.

Copies of many of the interviews are at the Eastern Kentucky University Archives (see Collection Number 10-06), Kentucky Oral History Commission (see Collection Number 18-20 and Appendix 1), and Western Kentucky University Folklife Archives (see Collection Number 46-01).