Mount Saint Joseph Oral History Project

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Record Group 16 Oral Histories includes reels and/or tapes of interviews of Community members, clergy who have served our community as chaplains or in other capacities, employees, relatives, friends, benefactors, students and other interested people. Many of the interviews have been transcribed.

The Mount Saint Joseph Archives is the repository for the permanent historical records of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph in Maple Mount, Kentucky.

The mission of the Mount Saint Joseph Archives is to collect, preserve, and make available the permanent records that show the development, growth, and ministries of the congregation. Records in the archives span from the founding of the community in 1874 until the present day. The archives also holds the records of the Ursuline Sisters of Belleville and Paola. Any questions regarding the history of these communities prior to the mergers can be directed to the archives.

Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
Sister Angelina Payne
Monsignor Albert J. Thompson
J. Adrian Alvey
Sister Mary Irene Cecil
Father Bernard Barnes
Malcolm Coomes
Sister Columba Montgomery
Sister Louise Marie (Luisa) Bickett
Monsignor George Hancock
Susan Shoemaker Clarke
Sister Mary Joseph Peterson, Sister Joseph Marie Williams
Sister Mary Elizabeth (Mimi) Ballard
Bishop Henry J. Soenneker
Mary Rose Shoemaker
Sister Bernadine Howard
Williams Sisters
Sister Helen Frances Sheeran
Multiple Sisters
Sister Antoinette Krampe
Sister Mildred Barr
Myrlyn Mulligan Bumm
Sister Sylvester Marie Allen (organ), Sister Mary Cecilia Payne (violin), Sister Marguerite Younker (piano)
Sisters Mary John Purdy, Mary Jean Cotter, Paul Joseph Mattingly, Thomasina Mattingly, Mary Ivo Thompson, Lucille Blincoe, Stanislaus Hagan, Jane Frances Donahue, Elizabeth Kelly, Thomas Ann Thompson, Dorothy Payne
Sarah Adkins
Joseph C. Riney
Earl Mulligan
Sister Pauline Chamberlain, Sister Mary Gertrude Pike Sister Darlene Denton
Sister Carolyn Marie O'Harrow
Mary Rose Shoemaker
Sister Suzanne Sims
Sister Gertrude Pike
Sisters Annalita Lancaster, Mary Irene Cecil, Mary Matthias Ward, Carolyn Thomas (SCN), Susan Mary Mudd, Gia Mudd, Mimi Ballard, Rosemary Keough, Louisa Bickett
Raynell Prado
Sister Carolyn Marie O'Harrow
Sister Joseph Marian Logsdon
Sister Victoria Brohm
Dan Harding
Paul Soriff, Sister Fran Wilhelm
Sister Stanislaus Hagan
Sister Hilda Mudd
Sister Darlene Denton
Paul Soriff
Sister Pauline Chamberlain
Sister Ann Victoria Waysalina
Monsignor John Gilbert Henninger
Sister Darlene Chmielewski, Sister Mary Elizabeth (Mimi) Ballard
Sister Antoinette Krampe, Sister Juliana Stallings
Sisters Sylvester Marie Allen (organ), Mary Cecilia Payne (violin), Marguerite Younker (piano)
Father Tony Ziegler
Sister Darlene Chmielewski, Sister Mary Elizabeth (Mimi) Ballard
Sister Rosemary Keough
Sister Jane Frances Donahue
Sister Helen Frances Sheeran, SCN
Williams Sisters
Sister Mary Antonia Wathen
Sister Mary Louis Speaks
Gerald Riney Sr.
Sister Mary Antonia Wathen
Sister Mary Antonia Wathen, Monsignor John Higgins
Pope John Paul II
Paul Logsdon
Sister Victoria Brohm