Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
06/15/1982 Marie R. Turner William Berge
07/13/1982 Marie R. Turner William Berge
07/27/1982 Marie R. Turner William Berge
10/12/1982 Marie R. Turner William Berge
11/14/1982 June Taylor
05/05/1983 Edgar Raleigh William Berge
05/05/1983 Eugene Sebastian William Berge
05/06/1983 Mary Edith Brewer William Berge
03/06/1984 Thomas P. Collins William Berge
03/07/1985 David Watts William Berge
03/24/1986 J.R. Miller William Ellis
09/05/1986 D. Fred Landrum William Ellis
09/05/1986 J. Douglas Graham William Ellis
09/10/1986 Bert T. Combs William Ellis
09/17/1986 John Ed Pearce William Ellis
09/19/1986 Troy R. Eslinger William Ellis
09/19/1986 Buford P. Howard William Ellis
09/19/1986 Frances C. Johnson William Ellis
09/20/1986 J. Phil Smith William Ellis
10/10/1986 Millard Tolliver, Ruth Tolliver William Ellis
10/11/1986 Beckham Combs William Ellis
10/20/1986 Larry G. Kelley William Ellis
10/27/1986 Troy Deaton William Ellis
10/27/1986 Hollis B. Gibson William Ellis
10/27/1986 A. Dale Bryant William Ellis
11/05/1986 Lyman Ginger William Ellis
11/24/1986 June Laffoon Taylor William Ellis
12/05/1986 Lawrence Wetherby William Ellis
12/16/1986 Robert D. Bell William Ellis
01/06/1987 Edward T. Breathitt William Ellis
01/20/1987 Alva A. Hollon Sr. William Ellis
02/10/1987 Al Smith William Ellis
02/12/1987 Lee M. Mueller William Ellis
02/24/1987 Wendell P. Butler William Ellis
02/26/1987 Polly P. Gorman William Ellis
03/19/1987 James Marvin Dodson William Ellis
05/11/1987 Smith D. Broadbent Jr. William Berge
05/28/1987 Ewell H. Balltrip William Ellis
06/03/1987 Adron Doran William Ellis
Kentucky Historical Society

Marie R. Turner Oral History Project

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This collection includes interviews with Marie Turner, educators, and political and community leaders, including A. B. "Happy" Chandler, Lawrence W. Wetherby, Bert T. Combs, and Edward T. Breathitt, Jr. Topics include politics and political leaders in Kentucky, electioneering, women in Kentucky politics, the state Democratic and Republican parties, education in Breathitt County and the state, comparisons of life and education between eastern and western Kentucky, development of roads and transportation in Breathitt County, the coal industry, journalism in Kentucky, Carl D. Perkins, Earle C. Clements, the Turner family, the Broadbent family, and the Bingham family. Original collection held at the Kentucky Oral History Commission/Kentucky Historical Society. Access copies available at Eastern Kentucky University. Authorization must by granted by the Society to use or publish by any means the archival material to which the Society holds copyright.