Life Stories of individual Sisters of Loretto



life histories, family histories, work and ministry

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RG Special 55B1 #1-#125
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Individual Sisters of Loretto describe their family of origin and their lives, works, and ministries as members of an American religious order of Catholic nuns. The collection includes the stories of missionaries to China (Wuhan) and South America (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) as well as classroom teachers in Loretto schools and parochial schools from Kentucky to California. The collection is owned and housed at the Sisters of Loretto Archives, Nerinx Kentucky. Permission to use the collection on site only can be requested from the Archivist.

Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
Catherine Marie Rice, Doloretta Marie O'Connor
Theresa Ann Reardon, Esther Marie Goodrow
Frances Ann O'Bryan, Rose Patricia Doyle
Mary Mangan, Lucy Maurice Galvin
Patricia Marie Brady
Jeanne d'Arc Schleicher
Angela Bianco
Felicia Corrigan, Margaret Louise Rupis
Alice Carlene Roche, Eileen Marie Heckman
Janice Schneider, Rose Patricia Doyle
Lucy Maurice Galvin, Mary Martin Bowling
Ruth (Raymond Cecile) Lucassen
Lucille Haywood
Celine Marie DeSmet
Matthew Marie Grennan, Clotaire Thro
Lucy Thompson, Regina Marie Holland, Edwin Mary SO.McBride
Estelle Cheshire, Celine Marie Brown
Margaret Rose Knoll
Ellen Mary Godfrey
Carlann Herman, Clotaire Thro
Angeline Mclntyre, Ignatius Mclntyre
Frances Mary Myers
Jean Gushing
Monica Marie Ziemba
Ann Elizabeth Dougherty
Mother Edwarda Ashe S. Ellen Mary Godfrey
Helen Jean Seidel
Marinell Mahoney, Andre Dziadkowicz
Frances Ellen Murphy, Estelle Marie Mattingly
Mary Clara Elckholtz
Margaret Ryan
Rose Henry Higdon
Sr. Paula Caretto
Ann Mueller, Jane Frances Mueller
Charlesana Barbour
Evangelista Bindewald, Helene SO.McLeese, Margaret Brian
Eileen Kelly, Helen Brian
Rose Mary O'Donnell
Aqutn Hesseldenz
Sr. Justa Justyn, Sr. Clementia Rogner
Alban House
Rose Cecily St. Clair, Rose Miriam O'Donnell
Rosalita Sanchez, Elizabeth Thro
Ann Benedict Bowling, Mary Edna Lenzen
Magdalen Mary Skees
Alice Eugene Tighe
Frances Louis Ritter
Srs. Justa, Clementia
Agnes Helen Ewing, Benedict O'Daniel
Ann Delores Moll, Vincent Marie Hauptmann
Victoriana Montoya, John Edward Drury
Florence Wolff
Gloria Lewis, Thea Christofferson
Paschalita Linehan
Marian Disch
Sr. Angeline Mclntyre
Ann Dominic Jankauskas
Frances de Chantal McLeese
Flaget Waller, Mary McNellis
Helen O'Brien
Thea Christofferson, Ida Marie Weakland
Mary Mark Higdon, Marcella Marie Schauff
Rose Alma Schuler, Leoann Schuler
Sr. Carlitta Woods
Mary Julia Schircliff, Clara Marie Thompson
Michaela Collins, Margaret Mary Bugni
Catherine Joseph Vetter, Mark Therese Martefle
Marie McRoberts, Lucinda Jenkins
Sara Marie Gillespie
Virginia Fetters
Jean Patrice Golden
Justina Hahn, Ann Mary Schilling
Margaret Mary Bugni, Catherine Kelly
Marie Claire Dunphy
Mary Ely
Anton Slechticky, Charlotte Marie Schwartz
Antoneila Marie Gutterres
Aline Dalton
Suzanne Marie Janis
Leonora Mary Schierman
Manuelita Ramos, Leonita Hutinett
Katherine Therese Kohl
Severina Gallegos
Ellen Patricia Casey,
Mary Denis Bruck
Sister Mary Luke Tobin Sr. Martha Belke
Rita Marie Romero
Nerinckx Marie (Ann) Carr, Jean Clare Schilling
Mark Therese Martelie, Mary Elena Trujiilo, Adrian Corley
Geraldine Fitzgherald
Agnes Marie Laidlaw
Eleanor Clare O'Malia
Mary Rhodes Buckler
Dorothy Ann Dunn, Ellen Mary Godfrey
Celine Marie DeSmet, Elaine McLaughlin
Marie Romaine Gutierrez, Grace Marie Cordova
Matthew SS.Geraghty
Mary Elmo Ulibarri
Domitilla Brown
Justa Justyn
Mary Victor Bowling
Sara Frink, Helen Sanders
Alice Marie Minot, Dorothy Enneking, Colombiere McNamara
Marie Therese Koch
Columbiere McNamara
Ann Lucille Ryan
Angeline Mcintyre
Louise Marie Kroeger, Frances Regina Guide
Mary Luke Tobin
Francis Bechtold
Margaret Fitzgerald
Carlos Marie Lubeck
Jean Gillespie
Angeline Mcintyre
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