Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
Sidney Clemmons Judy Hennessy
Mae Hager
Mattie Walker Barbara Reese
06/02/1989 Della Napier Jennifer Ramsay, Barbara Reese
06/08/1989 Laura Bastrom, Howard Teater, Jane Stafford Barbara Reese, Lisa Brewer
06/09/1989 Mary Mahan Barbara Reese, Lisa Brewer
06/12/1989 James Wilhoit, Louise Wilhoit Teresa Hollingsworth
06/14/1989 Alonzo Ballard Katherine Silver
06/15/1989 JoAnn DuVall Teresa Hollingsworth
06/16/1989 Maureen Faulkner LuAnn Cervelli
06/19/1989 Roy Chapman Teresa Hollingsworth
06/20/1989 Robert Cornelison LuAnn Cervelli
06/22/1989 Lewis Lamb, Donna Lamb Jennifer Ramsay
06/23/1989 Lillian Jenkins, Raymond Jenkins LuAnn Cervelli
06/23/1989 Travis Wells LuAnn Cervelli
06/24/1989 Jim Hadden LuAnn Cervelli
06/24/1989 Marci Malicote, James Malicote LuAnn Cervelli
06/24/1989 Gilbert Thomas LuAnn Cervelli
06/27/1989 Dean Cornett, Gladys Nave
06/28/1989 Ann Blakey LuAnn Cervelli
06/28/1989 Marjorie Carleton Teresa Hollingsworth
06/28/1989 Ova Haney Teresa Hollingsworth
06/28/1989 Bedford Lynch, Carlie Lynch LuAnn Cervelli
06/28/1989 Ruth Messer Katherine Silver
06/28/1989 Pauline Proffitt Jennifer Ramsay
06/28/1989 Amber Reed, Autumn Reed Katherine Silver
06/28/1989 Katherine Silver
06/28/1989 David Webb, Wayne Hanks Teresa Hollingsworth
06/29/1989 Bertha Fike LuAnn Cervelli
06/29/1989 Earl Nave Barbara Reese, Jennifer Ramsay
06/29/1989 David Smith LuAnn Cervelli
06/30/1989 Ann Garrison Teresa Hollingsworth
06/30/1989 Teresa Hollingsworth
07/03/1989 Cleta Thomas LuAnn Cervelli
07/03/1989 Myra Clark Barbara Reese, Jennifer Ramsay
07/04/1989 Beverly Tussey Barbara Reese
07/05/1989 Lola Prewitt Jennifer Ramsay
07/06/1989 Mabel Edmonson Katherine Silver
07/06/1989 Bob Huffman Teresa Hollingsworth
07/06/1989 David Mountjoy Jennifer Ramsay
07/06/1989 Mary Bell White Teresa Hollingsworth
07/07/1989 Jane Venable Brown LuAnn Cervelli
07/07/1989 Dessie Flynn Katherine Silver
07/07/1989 Ralph McClanahan Katherine Silver
07/07/1989 Ruby Richardson Katherine Silver
07/07/1989 Coleman Tussey LuAnn Cervelli
07/11/1989 Minnie Heulett Jennifer Ramsay
07/11/1989 James Mays, Jr. Barbara Reese
07/11/1989 Barbara Perry LuAnn Cervelli
07/11/1989 James Turpin, Charles Segar Teresa Hollingsworth
07/12/1989 Lenora Jones Dyer LuAnn Cervelli
07/12/1989 Irene Best Reid Jennifer Ramsay
07/12/1989 Elmer Wiley, Elizabeth Wiley Jennifer Ramsay
07/13/1989 Bill Fint Jennifer Ramsay
07/13/1989 Phil Sharp, Ralph Payton Jennifer Ramsay
07/14/1989 Bill Palmer Jennifer Ramsay
07/17/1989 Pat Thompson Teresa Hollingsworth
07/18/1989 Ann Coleman Teresa Hollingsworth
07/18/1989 Clay Tussey LuAnn Cervelli
07/18/1989 Joe Twine Barbara Reese
07/19/1989 Lela Cunningham Katherine Silver
07/20/1989 Eva Dean Edwards LuAnn Cervelli
07/20/1989 Karen Witt Katherine Silver
07/21/1989 Barbara Broaderson Teresa Hollingsworth
07/21/1989 Tim Hall LuAnn Cervelli
07/21/1989 Randall Noe Teresa Hollingsworth
07/24/1989 Lela Cunningham, Oliver Cunningham Katherine Silver
07/24/1989 Lillie King LuAnn Cervelli
07/25/1989 Church of Christ Quilters Katherine Silver
07/25/1989 Allene Elkins LuAnn Cervelli
07/25/1989 Alice Lutes LuAnn Cervelli
07/25/1989 Anne Shepard Teresa Hollingsworth
07/25/1989 Zora Snowden LuAnn Cervelli
07/26/1989 John Abner LuAnn Cervelli
07/26/1989 Mary Broberg Judy Hennessy
07/26/1989 Bell Howell, Gerald Lane LuAnn Cervelli
07/26/1989 Douglas Stoops Teresa Hollingsworth
07/26/1989 Grey Zeitz Judy Hennessy
07/26/1989 Todd Fultz LuAnn Cervelli
07/27/1989 Armatha Perkins Teresa Hollingsworth
07/28/1989 Hoyt Bellamy Katherine Silver
07/28/1989 Carl McKenzie Katherine Silver
07/28/1989 Teresa Hollingsworth
07/28/1989 Yvonne Rose Katherine Silver
07/28/1989 Gary Stout LuAnn Cervelli
08/01/1989 Neil Kavanaugh LuAnn Cervelli
08/01/1989 Bill Kemphart Teresa Hollingsworth
08/02/1989 James Banta Judy Hennessy
08/02/1989 Vincent Crawford Teresa Hollingsworth
08/02/1989 Wilana Dunn, Elmer Dunn Judy Hennessy
08/03/1989 Jim Barnes Teresa Hollingsworth
08/03/1989 Lamar Copeland Judy Hennessy
08/03/1989 Osia Greenwood LuAnn Cervelli
08/03/1989 Cecil Johnson Jennifer Ramsay
08/04/1989 Jane Burnam LuAnn Cervelli
08/04/1989 Patricia Jones LuAnn Cervelli
08/04/1989 Gladys Nave Jennifer Ramsay
08/04/1989 Bill Palmer Jennifer Ramsay
08/07/1989 Kenneth Anderson Jennifer Ramsay
08/07/1989 James Crouch LuAnn Cervelli
08/07/1989 Donald Ray Jennifer Ramsay
08/08/1989 Hertaline Hockersmith Teresa Hollingsworth
08/08/1989 Irwin Henry Judy Hennessy
08/08/1989 Fred Sharp Jennifer Ramsay
08/09/1989 Mary Woods LuAnn Cervelli
08/10/1989 April DeLuca Teresa Hollingsworth
08/10/1989 Jim Gaskin LuAnn Cervelli
08/10/1989 Joe White Teresa Hollingsworth
08/11/1989 Suzy Jackson Teresa Hollingsworth
08/11/1989 Bobbie Taylor Barbara Reese
08/17/1989 Ada Atha Teresa Hollingsworth
08/18/1989 Gerald Morgan Judy Hennessy
08/19/1989 Olive Searcy Judy Hennessy
08/21/1989 Clyde Hayslett Teresa Hollingsworth
08/21/1989 Ken Miller Judy Hennessy
08/25/1989 Jane Stauffer, James Russell, John Senter Teresa Hollingsworth
09/22/1989 James Suddeth Teresa Hollingsworth
09/26/1989 Sharon Humble Judy Hennessy
10/01/1989 Linda Roberts, Nathan Roberts Judy Hennessy
10/05/1989 James Froman Judy Hennessy
10/09/1989 Grady Brazeale Teresa Hollingsworth
10/12/1989 Carl Banks Judy Hennessy
10/17/1989 Kelsey Mertz Judy Hennessy
10/26/1989 Robert Chilton Judy Hennessy
10/29/1989 Mary Ann Holmes
11/14/1989 Mike Creech Judy Hennessy
11/18/1989 Darlene Gaines Judy Hennessy
11/18/1989 Ron Graves Judy Hennessy
11/20/1989 Doug Frost, Ernest Robinson Judy Hennessy
11/21/1989 Louise Robinson Judy Hennessy
11/25/1989 S.J. Smith Judy Hennessy
11/25/1989 Elmer Yocum Judy Hennessy
11/27/1989 John Donaldson Judy Hennessy
01/10/1990 Eugene Webster Judy Hennessy
01/23/1990 Jake Lake Teresa Hollingsworth
01/23/1990 Amos Schwartz Judy Hennessy
01/23/1990 Randy Smith Teresa Hollingsworth
03/02/1992 Jackie Thompson
01/30/2014 Cornelius Miller Judy Hennessy
Western Kentucky University, Special Collections Library

Kentucky River Folklife Project

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In conjunction with the National Endowment for the Arts, the Kentucky Historical Society, the Kentucky Heritage Council, the Kentucky Oral History Commission, Berea College, the Department for Libraries and Archives, and the Appalachian Museum, the Kentucky Folklife Program conducted oral histories of folklife along the Kentucky River throughout the summer of 1989. The Kentucky River Survey is a model project for the Kentucky Folklife Program. Both information generated and the methodology developed from the project was used for future surveys including a major investigation of the Ohio River Valley conducted in 1990.

The results of the Kentucky River Folklife Project were presented to the public in two formats; a traveling exhibit and narrative stage presentations. The exhibit was made available initially to town halls and libraries in counties along the Kentucky River, and then traveled across the state through the “Museums to Go” program of the Kentucky Historical Society. The narrative stage presentations presented local folklife informants to audiences in an interview/mini festival setting.

The survey employed three folklorists as well as three student trainees. The fieldwork methodology was based on that designed by the American Folklife Center’s regional studies using photographic and oral history techniques to describe the historical context, function, and performance of living folklife traditions in the region.

Counties documented in the survey include Anderson, Carroll, Clark, Estill, Franklin, Garrard, Henry, Jessamine, Lee, Madison, Mercer, Owen, Powell, Rockcastle, and Woodford.