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Kentucky Quilters Oral History Project

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Interviewees discuss the history of quilting, their introduction to quilting, piecing, designing, quilt repairing, quilting patterns, quilting techniques, the use of floor frames and hoops, fabrics used for quilts, batting, appliqu, cross-stitch, quilting bees, friendship quilts, Kentucky quilts, books and magazines on the subject, quilting organizations, and the Kentucky Quilt Project, 1800--1900, an exhibit at Louisvilles History and Science Museum in 1983. Copyright shared by the Kentucky Oral History Commission/Kentucky Historical Society and Western Kentucky University. Authorization must by granted by the Kentucky Historical Society and Western Kentucky University to use or publish by any means the archival material.

Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
02/17/1983 Oma Scott Losetta Steely
02/28/1983 Lorraine H. Dickhaus Marie Salazar
03/07/1983 Cora Wright Gail Anderson
03/20/1983 Laura Scott Iosetta Steely
03/30/1983 Mary Jane Ratliff Patricia Walters
03/30/1983 Evelyn Vittitow Joy Peterson
04/04/1983 Mary Jewett Nancy Bunger
04/04/1983 Carol Morris Nancy Bunger
04/04/1983 Karen Barnes Evelyn Vittitow
04/07/1983 Patricia Scoville Joy Peterson
04/07/1983 Jennievie Smith Ellen McLeod
04/09/1983 Rhoda Outland Morris Iosetta Steely
04/12/1983 Marie Morris Jolene Wilcher
04/19/1983 Mary Gordon Jolene Wilcher
04/22/1983 Ruby Su Bachert Katy Christopherson
04/25/1983 Sue Gibson Marie Salazar
04/25/1983 Pattie Ann Daniel Joy Peterson
04/26/1983 Versa Garmon Martha Thomas
04/27/1983 Beulah Devine Patricia Walters
05/19/1983 Dolores Bensing Evelyn Vittitow
07/15/1983 Lattie Strode Vera Gramling
07/18/1983 Charlotte Willis Joy Peterson
07/21/1983 Sadie Howell Vera Gramling
07/27/1983 Grace Lyles Vera Gramling
07/29/1983 Alice Heath Marie Salazar
07/29/1983 Mary Lou Zimmerman Marie Salazar
08/02/1983 Barbara Harp Joy Peterson
08/28/1983 Helen Hester Joy Peterson
08/30/1983 Paul Daulton Vera Gramling
10/10/1983 Louise Markwell Joy Peterson
11/03/1983 Lenore Saal Iosetta Steely
11/03/1983 Marjorie Saal Rogers Iosetta Steely
11/15/1983 Mary Lee Younger Joy Peterson
11/29/1983 Nancy Ragland Stiller Joy Peterson
01/24/1984 Nellie Charlton Joy Peterson
02/03/1984 Sallie Rae Calvert Vera Gramling
02/03/1984 Willie Jane Ray Vera Gramling
02/06/1984 Midge Goeth Joy Peterson
02/09/1984 Edythe Rosing Marie Salazar
02/15/1984 Katy Christopherson Evelyn Vittitow
02/15/1984 Gertrude Jent Vera Gramling
02/22/1984 Paul Dalton Vera Gramling
03/11/1984 Gloria Gramig Joy Peterson
03/15/1984 Betty House Vera Gramling
03/19/1984 Mary Lucas Joy Peterson
03/22/1984 Jewell Duckett, Clara Brady Vera Gramling
04/11/1984 Lois Cline Vera Gramling
04/13/1984 Mary Woodward Vera Gramling
04/24/1984 Starr Kaiser Joy Peterson
04/27/1984 Mollie Sesso Vera Gramling
04/30/1984 Bessie Gaunce Charline Wilson
04/30/1984 Mary Mitchell Vera Gramling
05/12/1984 Martha Howard Vera Gramling
05/30/1984 Allie Graham Vera Gramling
06/06/1984 Patricia Scoville Joy Peterson
07/17/1984 Floy Helen Oakley Marie Salazar
07/18/1984 Elsie B. Joyce Martha Thomas
07/18/1984 Myrt G. Bridges Marie Salazar
07/18/1984 Ruby Noel Marie Salazar
03/08/1985 Vadie Williams Martha Thomas
12/10/1985 Jenny Perry Marie Salazar
01/13/1986 Marjorie Turner Vera Gramling
01/22/1986 Delsie Fuqua Vera Gramling
01/30/1986 Marie Schmid Marie Salazar
02/03/1986 Josephine Pennington Vera Gramling
03/17/1986 Mary Ruth Oliver Vera Gramling
03/17/1986 Mary Ruth Oliver Vera Gramling
05/14/1986 Myrna Baugh Marie Salazar
10/16/1986 Eva Wilson Joy Peterson
01/15/1987 Eva Wilson Joy Peterson
03/09/1987 Betty Owen Joy Peterson
04/29/1987 Rebekka Seigel Joy Peterson
04/29/1987 Deborah Cahill Joy Peterson
03/15/1988 Becky Schaefer Joy Peterson
04/28/1988 Becky Schaefer Joy Peterson
05/17/1988 Gertrude Reuter Marie Salazar
05/26/1988 Donna Duncan Joy Peterson
03/14/1989 Helen Thompson Joy Peterson
07/17/1989 Victoria Oliver Joy Peterson
01/12/1990 Victoria Oliver Joy Peterson
03/16/1990 Penny Sisto Joy Peterson
05/25/1991 Juanita Yeager Joy Peterson
01/21/1992 Kathy Aschbacher Joy Peterson