Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
C. W. Stoll Margaret C. Price
06/10/1974 Jim Dauenhaur Margaret Kunz
07/02/1974 Leo T. Crismon Margaret Kunz
07/29/1974 Mrs. Lewis Johnson Margaret Kunz
08/20/1974 George N. Jewell Margaret Kunz
09/17/1974 O. E. Hoffman Margaret Kunz
10/01/1974 Marvin Cunningham Margaret Kunz
10/01/1974 John Gray Margaret Kunz
01/27/1975 Ferdinand Kersting Margaret Kunz
05/07/1975 Charles Morrison Margaret Kunz
07/01/1975 John Collingwood, G. Smith, W. C. White, D. William, Harry Troutman, Janet (Rabnert?) Margaret Kunz
08/19/1976 J. Marvin Dodson Phillip Shepherd
10/24/1976 Tom Jones Marion Roundtree and Mary White
11/07/1976 Pearl Swan Mary Roundtree
11/24/1976 Harry Fertig William T. Rich
12/03/1976 Edward W. Doleman William T. Rich
12/06/1976 Marion Roundtree, Mary White Marion Roundtree and Mary White
03/14/1977 Viola Welecher Dorthy Whitman
04/01/1977 Patrick Bradford William T. Rich and Dennis Thompson
09/11/1978 Viola Katzman Joyce Ann Hancock
10/25/1983 Wilson Wyatt Susan McKee Tachau
12/06/1983 James Gordon Susan McKee Tachau
02/10/1984 James Gordon Susan McKee Tachau
08/24/1984 Herbert Ross Earl Gregg Swem, III
08/26/1984 Herbert Ross Earl Gregg Swem, III
01/27/1987 John J. Barker Lynn Olympia
01/27/1987 Albert L. Entwhistle Lynn Olympia
02/05/1987 Frank Bauer Lynn Olympia
02/05/1987 Frank Bauer Lynn Olympia
02/08/1987 Carl D. Haunsz, Helen K. Haunsz Lynn Olympia
02/10/1987 Neil Whitehead Lynn Olympia
03/01/1987 Stern S. Branson Lynn Olympia
03/06/1987 Martin Moore Lynn Olympia
03/06/1987 Annette V. Crutcher, Virginia Crutcher Hall Lynn Olympia
03/10/1987 Clinton E. Smoot, Eunice M. Smoot Lynn Olympia
03/23/1987 John Marston Houchens Lynn Olympia
04/02/1987 Charles A. Schumann Lynn Olympia
04/08/1987 Martha Freeman Lynn Olympia
07/06/1990 Gloria Jean Penick Gregory Acker
07/06/1990 Scowden Kornhurst, Dr. Wynet Dean Gregory Acker
08/08/1990 Anne Guerrant Green Gregory Acker
08/08/1990 Louis Arru Gregory Acker
08/17/1990 Mary, Gordon, Julia Hazel Trabue Gregory Acker
08/21/1990 Mildred "Sis" Crask Gregory Acker
10/10/1990 Nesta Lee Gregory Acker
02/25/1995 Vera Dockery, Charles Bell Bob Gates
11/28/2000 Robert B. Peters, Jr. Earl Gregg Swem, III
11/29/2000 Robert B. Peters, Jr. Earl Gregg Swem, III
08/20/2003 Joan R. Feland Earl Gregg Swem, III
06/14/2005 Emily Hawkins Kate Cunningham
01/31/2006 Marie D. Cassady Earl Gregg Swem, III
Kentucky Historical Society

Jefferson County Oral History Project



Amusement parks, Archaeological sites, Armistices, Assistance, Athletic fields, Automobile industry, Automobiles, Baptist churches, Bars, Baseball, Belle of Louisville (Steamboat), Bridges, Business enterprises, Busing (School integration), Canals, Catholic schools, Childhood & youth, Children playing with marbles, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Churches, Churchill Downs, Civil rights, Civil rights demonstrations, Civil rights leaders, Clothing industry, Clothing stores, Dance, Dance parties, Distilling industries, Education, Electric lines, Electricity, Elopements, Express highways, Families, Farming, Farms, Fire engines & equipment, Fires, Fishing industry, Fishing nets, Floods, Food relief, Ford Motor Company, Fuel, Games, Grocery stores, Harbors, Historic buildings, Horses, Hospitals, Houses, Integration, Irish, Judges, Kentucky Education Association, Labor disputes, Laborers, Libraries, Louisville Free Public Library, Louisville Gas & Electric Company, Louisville times, Marbles (Game), Marriage, Medicine, Military service, Motion picture theaters, Museums, Musicians, Neighborhoods, Newspapers, Nightclubs, Painters, Parks, Physicians, Police, Pontoon bridges, Presidential candidates, Presidential elections, Presidents, Prostitution, Race discrimination, Race relations, Racing, Recreation, Reporters, River boats, School buses, School children, School discipline, School integration, Schools, Segregation, Singing, State government, Streets, Strikes, Teachers, Telephone lines, Toilets, Trolly buses, United States. Army. Corps of Engineers, University of Louisville, Violence, Water pumps, Welfare and society, Wharves, Works Progress Administration

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This collection began with the Kentucky Oral History Commission's effort to establish oral history programs in each of the state's 120 counties. County libraries worked with local volunteers to collect interviews. Since 1987, county oral histories have been generated primarily by recipients of technical assistance grants from the commission that provide training and equipment to volunteer interviewers. Interviews donated by independent researchers are also included.