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Jackson Purchase Oral History Project

Lifestyle Series
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The Lifestyles Series of the Jackson Purchase Oral History Project contains interviews with residents of the Jackson Purchase Area of southwest Kentucky from 1979 to 1989. The interviews discuss living conditions, social activities and significant events that occurred in the region during the first half of the 20th Century. Many of the interviews describe life on family farms in rural communities in Calloway, Graves, Marshall and McCracken Counties. Included in the collection are interviews with African-Americans who experienced segregation in Paducah and Mayfield.

Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
Lizzie Ratcliff A.C. Marable
Shirley Bunch Bill Peyton
11/14/1974 Gladyes S. Ligon Bill Peyton
07/05/1979 Hugh Jackson Bill Peyton
07/05/1979 Ruby Sapp Bill Peyton
09/24/1979 Dow Wilson Bill Peyton
10/04/1979 Florence Hudspeth Margaret R. Anderson
10/04/1979 Angienella Chappell Mary Bates
10/18/1979 Edward Broady Mary Bates
10/19/1979 Effie Stevens Mary Bates
10/21/1979 Clara H. Humphrey Margaret R. Anderson
11/01/1979 Norvel J. Williamson Mary Bates
11/02/1979 Mary Glenn Sledd Mary Bates
11/02/1979 Alice J. Curd Mary Bates
11/06/1979 James B. Curd Kathryn Pasco
11/12/1979 Cletus Copeland Kathryn Pasco
11/14/1979 Opal Maxwell Bill Peyton
11/14/1979 Corine E. Ray Mary Bates
11/14/1979 Ananias Whittemore A.C. Marable
11/15/1979 Bill Hopkins A.C. Marable
11/15/1979 Olivia B. Gaines A.C. Marable
11/18/1979 Marion Arundeil Porter Bill Peyton
11/19/1979 Charlie Beasley Thelma Jordan
11/29/1979 William C. Peyton Mary Bates
11/30/1979 Mary F. Bates A.C. Marable
12/06/1979 Bob Allbritten, Warren Allbritten Sandra Hoover
01/17/1980 W. O. Hatcher Kathryn Pasco
01/28/1980 Hazel Locke Kathryn Pasco
01/29/1980 Pearlene Gordon Kathryn Pasco
02/12/1980 Alma C. Cooper Kathryn Pasco
02/14/1980 Estelle Adams Margaret R. Anderson
03/25/1980 Ernesteen Skinner Margaret R. Anderson
10/01/1980 Edna Humphries Nicolette Murray
11/20/1980 Willie Pharris Latta Nicolette Murray
03/22/1983 Arah Kennedy Earl Devine
10/04/1988 Neva Grey Allbritten Margaret R. Anderson
10/20/1988 Emily Wilson Wolfson Margaret R. Anderson
10/26/1988 Oneida Boyd Margaret R. Anderson
11/01/1988 Joan Butterworth Whayne Margaret R. Anderson
11/01/1988 Charlotte O. Barker Margaret R. Anderson
11/10/1988 Elizabeth R. F. Hart Margaret R. Anderson
11/15/1988 Vivian M. Hale Margaret R. Anderson
11/16/1988 Doris Rose Margaret R. Anderson
11/17/1988 Marjorie Shroat Dunn Margaret R. Anderson
11/22/1988 Elizabeth Jane Baker Margaret R. Anderson
12/08/1988 Rebecca R. West Margaret R. Anderson
01/25/1989 Lochie B. Hart Margaret R. Anderson
02/01/1989 Kathleen C. Outland Margaret R. Anderson