Western Kentucky University, Special Collections Library

Heritage, Tradition, and Craft in Quiltmaking

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This collection contains interviews conducted by Sandy Staebell, Kentucky Museum’s Registrar and Collections Curator, for the 2017-2018 Osby Lee Hire and Lillian K. Garrison Hire Memorial Lecture Series, which seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the history and culture of Allen County and Monroe County in Kentucky and Macon County in Tennessee.

Staebell’s original presentation, titled “Heritage, Tradition, & Craft: Quiltmaking in Allen County, Kentucky, Monroe County, Kentucky, and Macon, Tennessee,” focused on the aesthetics, processes, and finished pieces of both individual quilters and larger communal groups, such as the Buck Creek Homemakers (Allen County) and the Monroe County Piecemakers. Staebell’s collection, which includes digital copies of the interviews as well as color photographs of the quilts and quiltmakers, highlights the inevitable blurring of lines between the traditional dichotomy of art versus craft and how family, region, and heritage shape the design, function, and meaning of each constructed quilt.

These digital interviews are stored in the WKU Sound Archives, and the digital photos are stored in the WKU Photo Archives.

To view the WKU Folklife Archives finding aid for this collection, which includes streamable interviews, click the following link: https://digitalcommons.wku.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2235&context=...