Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
07/03/1986 John Settle, Lettie Edds, Urey Thomasson, Christie Hunt, Tommie Craves Judi Hetrick
07/08/1986 C.E. Coy Keith Smith, David Cooper
07/09/1986 Alice Addington, Michael Pittas, Bernard Kirtley, Ima Gross, Virgie Jackson, Virginia Davis Karen Owen, Kim Parson
07/10/1986 Martine Wink, Stewart Hines, Albert Davis, Wilbur Norris, M. Virginia Howard Paula Eubanks
07/10/1986 Paul Bushong, Thomas, Gertrude Hamilton, Wayne Foust, William Shown Allen Lake
07/10/1986 Samuel Boggess, Marvin T. Jones, Jerry Millard, Guy R. Noffsinger Keith Smith, David Cooper
07/11/1986 Flora Hardin, Irene Taylor, Lillian Lamar Chris Carey
07/11/1986 Clarence Head, Roy Meyers Karen Owen
07/14/1986 Elner Knott, Gladys Edge Keith Smith, Jim Baumgarten
07/14/1986 Alvy Oller, Otis Stevens, Shirley Smith, Alice Triplett, Josephine Ralph, Mattie Young Charlotte Postlewaite
07/15/1986 Corinne T. Gregory Charlotte Postlewaite
07/15/1986 Eva Carman, Elmo Brooks, J.S. Smart, Grace Lyons Chris Carey
07/16/1986 Virginia Pannell Charlotte Postlewaite
07/17/1986 J. Marcus Whitler Dave Boeyink
07/17/1986 Mittie Dane, Virginia Davis, Wendell Davis, Ollie Thomas, D.O. Vanover, W.T. Lee Steve Vied
07/28/1986 Otis Stevens, Essie Stevens Charlotte Postlewaite
07/28/1986 Carye Abell Keith Smith
07/29/1986 Lena Stolsworth Kim Parson
07/29/1986 Nellie Sublett Karen Owen
07/29/1986 Wilbur Norris Rob Schormon
07/29/1986 Jack McClure Keith Smith
07/29/1986 Clarence Head Karen Owen
07/29/1986 Stella Allen Karen Owen
07/29/1986 Dora R. Landrum Kevan Eans
07/29/1986 Oma Gross Kim Parson
07/29/1986 Bernard Kirtley Kim Parson
07/29/1986 Pearl Perguson Kevin Eans
07/30/1986 Nellie Hall Gary Netzley
07/30/1986 J.S.G. Smart Chris Carey
07/30/1986 Georgia Thruston Dan Heckel
07/30/1986 Eva Carmen Chris Carey
07/30/1986 Lattie Edds, Essie Thomasson Judi Hetrick
07/31/1986 Edward Lindemann Keith Smith
07/31/1986 Arthur Iler Brian Rickerd
08/01/1986 Marvin T. Jones Joe Adams
08/01/1986 Joseph P. Perkins Keith Smith
08/01/1986 Philip Stone Joe Adams
08/01/1986 Corrine T. Gregory Paula Eubanks
08/01/1986 Gayle Carver Joe Adams
08/01/1986 Tom Simmons, Lovernia Simmons Joe Adams
08/01/1986 Allyene Gregory Steve Vied
08/05/1986 V.L. Whelchel Karen Owen
08/05/1986 Joseph Rowan Cox Dan Heckel
08/05/1986 Guy R. Noffsinger Dan Heckel
08/05/1986 Julia May Ridgeway-Ware Mary Kay King
08/05/1986 Zella M. Truman Karen Owen
08/07/1986 Alice Triplett Genie Sullivan
08/07/1986 Jerry Millard Joe Adams
08/07/1986 Robert T. Steele Joe Adams
08/08/1986 J.B. Riddle Keith Lawrence
08/08/1986 Gwendolyn L. Johnston Keith Smith
08/11/1986 F.H. Riddle Judi Hetrick
08/13/1986 Oda Shouse, Clara Shouse Keith Smith
08/13/1986 Doy Lovan Karen Owen
08/13/1986 Ruth Bareiss Catherine Behan
08/13/1986 Alvin Norris Keith Smith
08/13/1986 Mittie B. Dane Judi Hetrick
08/14/1986 Irene Taylor Chris Carey
08/14/1986 Opal Cine Crabb Joe Adams
08/15/1986 Mary B. Fitts Karen Owen
08/15/1986 Mattie Thrasher Karen Owen
08/15/1986 Thomas Hamilton, Gertrude Hamilton Lora Douglas
09/24/1986 Cecil Harrison Keith Lawrence
Kentucky Historical Society

A Generation Remembers

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The staff of the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer interviewed residents in the Owensboro area about their lives in the first half of this century. The interviews were collected to be excerpted in a special oral history series, A Generation Remembers, published in 1986. Topics include the floods of 1913 and 1937, the winter of 1917--1918, the 1918 influenza epidemic, World Wars I and II, Prohibition, the Great Depression, the introduction of electricity to the area, and accounts of the first telephones, automobiles, airplanes, and televisions. Narrators talk about farming (including tobacco), coal mining (including mining accidents, labor unions, and the United Mine Workers of America), trapping, bootlegging, clothes, iceboxes, water, curing meat and preserving food, work, music, recreation, religion, education (including one-room schools), funeral practices, marriage customs, work, and transportation (especially trains). Other topics are medicine, illness, childbirth, home remedies, crimes, hangings, night riders, race relations, discrimination, segregation, the Ku Klux Klan, "possum hunters," nickelodeons, general stores, women's suffrage, women in politics and sports, and German prisoners of war during World War II on Daviess County tobacco farms.