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Oral History Interviews in this collection were conducted as a part of an overall project to document public art in Frankfort,Ky. The project was led by Joanna Hay and Judy Sizemore. Interviews were conducted in conjunction with Kentucky State University students in the spring semester of 2012.Excerpts from the interviews were used in developing a tour of Frankfort's public art.Partnerships in the project were Liberty Hall Historic Site, the Kentucky Historical Society, the Frankfort Tourism office and Kentucky State University.

Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
03/03/2012 Jason Brown and Elizabeth Scofield Joanna Hay
03/23/2012 Milton Thompson Joanna Hay
03/26/2012 Dr. Lee Charles Harris and James E. Jacobs Suncearae Spears; De'Marcus Hopson
03/26/2012 Robert Bell Barry Jones; Damien Logan
03/26/2012 Mabel H. Conda Suncearae Spears De'Marcus Hopson
03/26/2012 Thomas W. Fugate Barry Jones; Damian Logan
03/26/2012 James Hunn Barry Jones; Damian Logan
03/28/2012 Lee Rambo Bagley Jessika Pringle; Joanna Hay
03/28/2012 Lee Bagley Rachel Williams; Julian Jeter-Davis
03/29/2012 Ed Hamilton Julian Jeter-Davis; Quavoris South
03/29/2012 Garry Bibbs Robert Willis; Julian Jeter-Davis
03/30/2012 Erika Strecker Ka'Tora Tuck; Jerome Simmons
04/03/2012 Jerry Cecil Suncerae Spears; Jerome Simmons
04/04/2012 Robin Antenucci Jessika Pringle; Quavoris South
04/04/2012 Zoe Antenucci;Carley Bishop Jessika Pringle; Quvoris South
04/04/2012 Laura Mentor Tory Bailey
04/04/2012 Doris Thurber Tory Bailey; Robert Willis
04/04/2012 Jennifer Zingg Quavoris South; Jessika Pringle
04/05/2012 Nash Cox Ka'Tora Tuck; Barry Jones
04/05/2012 Karla Nicholson Ka'Tora Tuck; Barry Jones
04/06/2012 William B. Scott Rachel Wililams
04/06/2012 Ed and Sue Stodola Rachel Williams
04/06/2012 Elizabeth M. Taylor Rachel Williams
04/09/2012 David Buchta Damesha Pierce
04/09/2012 David Buchta Barry Jones
04/09/2012 David Buchta Lorena Villamar
04/10/2012 Tony Higdon Lerone Simmons; Ka'Tora Tuck
04/11/2012 Russell Hatter Ka'Tora Tuck/ Rachel Williams
04/11/2012 Russell Hatter Lorena Villiamar; Rachel Williams
04/12/2012 Travis Renz Julian Jeter-Davis
04/13/2012 Laura Manzo Damesha Pierce
04/13/2012 Melanie Van Houten Damesha Pierce
04/16/2012 Bridget Beck Damesha Pierce
04/16/2012 Henrietta Gill and Sheila Mason Burton Damian Logan
04/23/2012 Mary Evans Sias Suncearae Spears
04/25/2012 Derrick Graham, Clarence Metcalfe and T.G. McGahe Damian Logan
04/27/2012 Sara Elliott Rachel Williams; Lorena Villiamar
07/02/2012 Ellen Glasgow Joanna Hay
11/13/2012 Brook White, Jr. Joanna Hay; Morgan Jones
11/14/2012 Erika Kaiser Joanna Hay; Morgan Jones
11/16/2012 Paul Mauer Joanna Hay; Morgan Jones
11/16/2012 Roy Nance and Nancy Atcher Joanna Hay; Morgan Jones
11/19/2012 Charles Ellestad Joanna Hay; Morgan Jones
11/25/2012 Jayden Kurtz Joanna Hay; Morgan Jones
11/25/2012 Crystal Kurtz Joanna Hay; Morgan Jones
11/25/2012 Rylie Saager Joanna Hay; Morgan Jones
11/25/2012 Victoria Saager Joanna Hay; Morgan Jones
11/25/2012 Emma Ryan Joanna Hay; Morgan Jones
11/25/2012 Ellie Ryan Joanna Hay; Morgan Jones
12/18/2012 William Neat Joana Hay; Morgan Jones
12/19/2012 Jenny Neat Joanna Hay; Morgan Jones