Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
04/30/2012 Martha Turner Joanna Hay
05/30/2012 Seaborn Ellzey Joanna Hay
05/30/2012 Ann Matera Joanna Hay
05/30/2012 Richard Wilson Joanna Hay
06/29/2012 Bettie Parrish Glover Joanna Hay
06/29/2012 Clarence Glover Joanna Hay
06/29/2012 Alma Ford Joanna Hay
06/29/2012 Chris Curry Joanna Hay
06/29/2012 Beverly Nuckols Joanna Hay
07/05/2012 Bill Braden Joanna Hay
07/08/2012 Gloria Boyd Joanna Hay
Kentucky Historical Society

Caverna School Oral History Project


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In 2009 with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts Horse Cave Development Corporation (HCDC) developed a cell phone walking tour of the Horse Cave Cultural District with an accompanying website that expanded on the stories and traditions of the community. In this project, the HCDC hired Joanna Hay to collect oral histories about Caverna Independent School District. Caverna Independent Schools were created in 1950 at a time when the Horse Cave School and the Cave City School were too small to continue separately. The merger also included the Horse Cave Colored School. Caverna Schools was the first district to span two counties: Hart and Barren. The Horse Cave School became the high school and the Cave City School was the junior high with each town retaining an elementary school until the new high school was constructed in Hart County near the county line in 1957. This project focused on collecting stories from the alumni of Caverna Schools, especially those elders who were a part of the de-segregation and merger of the schools.