Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
07/12/1976 Mrs. James Sheehan Phillip Shepherd
10/22/1976 George Cummins Angereau McConnell
02/20/1977 Elizabeth Tunis A.G. McConnell
06/22/1977 Frederick Burns Caldwell Mary Morton Germann
09/25/1977 Mary Adams A.G. McConnell
09/25/1977 Dan Donohue Elizabeth Fraas
11/09/1977 Ethel Owens Goff A.G. McConnell
07/19/1978 Sara Rogers Cartwright Elizabeth Fraas
08/03/1978 Jere Clemens Caldwell Elizabeth Fraas
08/09/1978 Theresa McMakin Irvine Elizabeth Fraas
08/12/1978 Clarence Westerfield Elizabeth Fraas
02/11/1979 Martha Cheek A.G. McConnell
07/26/1981 James Blaine Henson Peggy Galloway
09/18/1989 Clifton H. Jones Richard C. Brown
09/21/1989 John Hill Bailey Jr. Richard C. Brown
10/17/1989 Robert E. Wheat (Rev.) Richard C. Brown
11/28/1989 Mary Morton German Richard C. Brown
11/28/1989 Bruce Montgomery Richard C. Brown
11/28/1989 Chauncey W. Alcock Richard C. Brown
12/05/1989 Thomas A. Spragens Richard C. Brown
02/20/1990 Ida Short Richard C. Brown
02/21/1990 Elizabeth Hillhouse Richard C. Brown
02/27/1990 William McAnly Richard C. Brown
05/24/1990 Stephen Rinehart Richard C. Brown
07/25/1990 Lula Bottoms Thompson Sallie Bright
07/31/1990 Oscar "Buddy" Butler Julie C. Rodes
08/06/1990 John Frye, Helen Frye Amy Hogg
08/06/1990 Gertrude Spillman Sledd John Brock
08/07/1990 William "Bunny" Davis Emily Morse
08/14/1990 Cecil Rice Cohen Brenda Edwards
08/14/1990 Mary Daniel Balasa Emily Morse
08/20/1990 Edna Woford Moss Emily Kirkpatrick
08/23/1990 Horace Cole Brenda Edwards
08/29/1990 Daniel Boone Montgomery Herb Brock
08/30/1990 Charles Onstott Annabel Girard
09/06/1990 Ethel McGraw Amy Hogg
09/06/1990 Lucille H. Bruce Sallie Bright
09/06/1990 J.W. Raines Sallie Bright
09/08/1990 Chelcie Followell Peggy Galloway
09/08/1990 Byron Followell Peggy Galloway
09/12/1990 Franklin Bruce John Brock
09/17/1990 Mack Clem, Olie Galloway, Inez Kidd Amy Hogg
09/18/1990 Reed Nichols Peggy Galloway
09/20/1990 George Thomas Lester Emily Morse
09/21/1990 Roy W. Arnold Sallie Bright
10/03/1990 Nelson D. Powell Julie Rodes
10/05/1990 William Selby Emily Morse
10/11/1990 Bruce Feather Amy Hogg
10/11/1990 Dorothy Coleman Renfro Emily Kirkpatrick
10/11/1990 Charles W. Renfro Emily Kirkpatrick
10/18/1990 Benny Powell Sallie Bright
10/31/1990 Joseph N. Frankel Sallie Bright
11/20/1990 Nelson D. Rodes Jr. Herb Brock
11/29/1990 Katherine Letcher Bright Sallie Bright
11/29/1990 Madge Isaacs Cook Amy Hogg
12/04/1990 Cecil Dulin Wallace John Brock
12/04/1990 Mary Elizabeth Ross Annabel Girard
12/05/1990 Florence Elkins Annabel Girard
12/06/1990 James Madison Tarrance Julie Rodes
12/07/1990 George L. Cunningham Amy Hogg
12/07/1990 Dica Warren Brenda Edwards
01/06/1991 Wallace Hughes Peggy Galloway
01/09/1991 Zula Hensley Sallie Bright
01/11/1991 Nellie Jackson Emily Morse
01/16/1991 Clifton Rodes Brenda Edwards
01/17/1991 Clyde Jackson Brenda Edwards
01/17/1991 Hazel Rawlings Roberts Sallie Bright
01/18/1991 Charles T. Hazelrigg Sallie Bright
01/24/1991 Wyatt H. Furr Sallie Bright
01/28/1991 Raymond L. Sleet Emily Kirkpatrick
01/29/1991 George Grider Brenda Edwards
01/30/1991 Charles Caldwell Sallie Bright
02/04/1991 William Daniel Riffe Emily Morse
02/07/1991 Lucy Jones Stephens Amy Hogg
02/07/1991 James Boling Preston Brenda Edwards
02/13/1991 Mary Morton Germann Sallie Bright
02/17/1991 Sally Green Julie Rodes
02/20/1991 James Hester Sallie Bright
02/21/1991 Helen Davis Sallie Bright
02/22/1991 Margaret Marshall Sallie Bright
02/27/1991 George Gwinn Sallie Bright
02/28/1991 William Carver White Sallie Bright
02/28/1991 Louise Crain Smart Julie Rodes
04/10/1991 Nancy Alcock, Chauncey Alcock Sallie Bright
05/30/1991 Raymond L. Sleet Sallie Bright
Boyle County Public Library

Boyle County Oral History Project

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This collection began with the Kentucky Oral History Commission's effort to establish oral history programs in each of the state's 120 counties. County libraries worked with local volunteers to collect interviews. Since 1987, county oral histories have been generated primarily by recipients of technical assistance grants from the commission that provide training and equipment to volunteer interviewers. Interviews donated by independent researchers are also included; 86 interviews 122 audio cassette tapes; 2 photographs.