Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
Video Intro Clips Unknown
Bridging Our History Documentary Unknown
06/13/1997 Richard Brown Misty Ledlow
06/16/1997 Samuel Tandy Natasha Johnson
06/16/1997 Harry Fields William Johnson
06/16/1997 James Crump D'Marco Douglas
06/17/1997 Magelean Leachman D'Marco Douglas
06/18/1997 William Watson Natasha Johnson
06/19/1997 Nathaniel Thompson Chanda Swift
06/20/1997 Paul Jackson Eric Floyd
06/23/1997 William Owsley Theresa Mitchell
06/23/1997 Grant Talbott Teresa Newton
06/24/1997 Earl Kuykendall Heather Owen
06/24/1997 Susie Reno Theresa Mitchell
06/25/1997 Juanita Moorman
06/25/1997 Wesley Acton Chanda Swift
06/25/1997 Gustava Hayden William Johnson
06/26/1997 Whaylon Coleman Chanda Swift
06/27/1997 Wilbert Hayden
06/27/1997 Addie Talbott Heather Owen
06/27/1997 Jean Higgs Natasha Johnson
07/01/1997 Mrs. Lee Chester Crump William Johnson
07/01/1997 Mary Helen Cross Lolitta Warfield
07/03/1997 R.L. McFarland Lolitta Warfield
07/03/1997 Daisy James Natasha Johnson
07/03/1997 Camille Berkley Chanda Swift
07/03/1997 Emily Holloway William Johnson
07/03/1997 LaQuetta Hinton Hunter Hinton
07/03/1997 Marie Epison William Johnson
07/05/1997 Rose E. Haynes Aloma Dew
06/25/1998 Ada James Erica Carbon
06/26/1998 Lee Chester Crump Fay Taylor
06/26/1998 James Crump Alishia Shelton
06/29/1998 Luther Johnson VaRahnica Holmes
06/29/1998 Larry Lewis Heather Midkiff
06/29/1998 Birdie Goodwin Erica Carbon
06/30/1998 Herman Floyd Erica Carbon
06/30/1998 Majorie Morton Donovan Morton
07/01/1998 Richard Brown Jennifer Taylor
07/02/1998 William Phillips Alishia Shelton
07/02/1998 Della Phillips Natasha Johnson
07/03/1998 Alfred Thompson Fay Taylor
07/03/1998 Minnie James Chanda Swift
07/03/1998 Marnel James Erica Carbon
07/06/1998 Gloria Adams Sheralle Douglas
07/07/1998 Kenny Higgs Chanda Swift
07/07/1998 Charles Brown, Sr. Fay Taylor
07/07/1998 Minnie Riley Alisha Shelton
07/08/1998 Josephine Rowan Jennifer Taylor
07/15/1998 Anthony James Hunter Hinton
07/16/1998 Janice Watkins Erica Carbon
06/21/1999 Helen Yewell Lamar Owens
06/21/1999 Hugh Harris Erica Carbon
06/22/1999 Theodora Jackson Smith Sheralle Douglas
06/22/1999 Orbon Higgs Kelly Rowan
06/22/1999 Agnes Higgs Fay Taylor
06/23/1999 Christopher Curry LaShawna Curry
06/23/1999 Malcom Walker,Mary Louise Jackson Walker Jennifer Taylor
06/24/1999 Amanda Porter VaRahnica Holmes
06/24/1999 Brenda Johnson Dondra Thames
06/28/1999 Solomon Kuykendal Fay Taylor
06/29/1999 Sylvester Nurse Fay Taylor
06/29/1999 Harry Young Erica Carbon
06/30/1999 Margaret Mays Kelly Rowan
07/01/1999 James Williams Erica Carbon
07/02/1999 Tura Christian,Clev Carson,Anthony Christian,Earnell Clardy,Joe Powell Kay Taylor
07/06/1999 Orbon Higgs Kelly Rowan
07/23/1999 J.T.P.A. Summer Challenge Program/H.L. Neblitt Center Reception Unknown
Kentucky Historical Society

Born with a Purpose: African Americans in Owensboro

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In the summers of 1997, 1998, and 1999, an oral history project was conducted by local high school students documenting African American history in Owensboro. Topics covered in the interviews ranged from life under segregation, World War II, the Great Depression, Jazz, local sports, and education, to the customs and traditions common within the local african american community. The project was funded by the City of Owensboro, the J.T.P.A. Summer Challenge Program, the H.L. Neblitt Center, and the Kentucky Oral History Commission and was directed by Aloma Williams Dew.