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This collection began with the Kentucky Oral History Commission's effort to establish oral history programs in each of the state's 120 counties. County libraries worked with local volunteers to collect interviews. Since 1987, county oral histories have been generated primarily by recipients of technical assistance grants from the commission that provide training and equipment to volunteer interviewers. Interviews donated by independent researchers are also included. Original collection held at the Kentucky Oral History Commission/Kentucky Historical Society. Authorization must by granted by the Society to use or publish by any means the archival material to which the Society holds copyright.

Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
William Gex Richard Kimmich
Nancy Holton
Isabelle Cropper
Wanetta Clause
Irene Gaines
R.V. Lents
Julia Ryle
Tennie Burcham
Mr. Frank Maurer, Mrs. Frank Maurer
Katheryn Clore
Mr. Earl Sullivan, Mrs. Earl Sullivan
Betty Kirtley
Mary Rector
Albert Weaver
Joe Claxon
Chester Goodridge Richard Kimmich
Kathryn Rudicill
Louise Gaines, Wanetta Clause
02/01/1976 William Wendell Rouse
07/13/1978 Mary Lee Hance John H. Boe
07/18/1978 Jane Sleet John H. Boe
07/20/1978 John Gault John H. Boe
08/16/1978 George R. Scott John Boh
06/20/1980 Gilby Green Richard Kimmich
06/20/1980 George M. Cook Richard Kimmich
06/23/1980 Grace Stephens Richard Kimmich
06/23/1980 Bruce Ferguson Richard Kimmich
06/24/1980 William McEvoy Richard Kimmich
06/25/1980 John Crigler Richard Kimmich
06/30/1980 Robert Greene Richard Kimmich
07/25/1980 Sarah Hotlzclaw Richard Kimmich
07/28/1980 Ruth Kelley Richard Kimmich
09/09/1981 Brennie Acra Richard Kimmich
09/10/1981 Amanda Moore Richard Kimmich
09/17/1981 Mrs. Warren Houston Richard Kimmich
09/29/1981 Noel Walton Richard Kimmich
10/22/1981 Mr. Roscoe Akin, Mrs. Roscoe Akin Richard Kimmich
10/27/1981 Martha Breasted Richard Kimmich
10/29/1981 Mary Edwards Richard Kimmich
11/09/1981 Wanetta Clause Richard Kimmich
03/04/2004 Betty Jo Roter Bruce Ferguson
05/07/2004 Ken Hund David Beasley
09/13/2004 J.M. Huey, Patsy Slayback Bruce Ferguson
09/16/2004 Don Clare Jr. Jan Hancock
01/27/2005 Jack Rouse Lori McEntee
03/09/2005 Joe Meiman Bruce Ferguson
03/09/2005 Robert H. Feldhaus Bruce Ferguson
03/10/2005 Helen Wilson
03/24/2005 Osceola Williams Edwards Bruce Ferguson
03/24/2005 Doretta Barlow Rouse Bruce Ferguson
03/28/2005 Margaret W. Stephens David Beasley
05/19/2005 Ken Hund David Beasley
06/11/2005 Katherine Peel Laurie Wilcox
06/20/2005 Theodore Bushelman Mike Evans
06/30/2005 Alice Conrad Lorie Wilcox
07/05/2005 Betty Kirtley Christine Booth Godsey
07/05/2005 Carl Biehler David Beasley
07/06/2005 James Gayle Smith Christine Booth Godsey
07/12/2005 William E. Moore Jr. Mike Evans
07/12/2005 Ida Sebree Christine Booth Godsey
07/13/2005 Charles R. Conrad Mike Evans
07/13/2005 Francis P. Callahan Mike Evans
07/14/2005 Dorotha Griesser Christine Booth Godsey
07/15/2005 Christine Booth Godsey Mike Evans
07/15/2005 Gladys Maxwell Lindsay Schoeni
07/15/2005 Ronald Lee Chastain Mike Evans
07/15/2005 Marion S. Kitchens Mike Evans
07/26/2005 Martha Daugherty Patricia O'Hara
07/27/2005 Margaret Goley Patricia O'Hara
08/02/2005 Betty Boitman Poole Patricia O'Hara
08/11/2005 Burnam Terry Roberts Doris Engle-Newland
08/12/2005 Carlton Anderson Doris Engle-Newland
08/13/2005 Lawrence Rodamer Doris Engle-Newland
08/15/2005 Carroll "Hop" Ewing David Beasley
08/18/2005 Kenneth Webb Molly Dickens
09/13/2005 Thomas Schwartz David Beasley
09/14/2005 Bruce Ferguson Laurie Wilcox
10/02/2005 Anna Huff Mary Texter
10/15/2005 Kristie Miller Christien Booth Godsey
10/21/2005 Barbara R. Dye Doris Engle-Newland
10/22/2005 Harold Rice Williams Doris Engle-Newland
10/24/2005 Kenneth Webb, Retha Webb Molly Dickens
10/26/2005 Sarah B. Shong Christine Booth Godsey
11/05/2005 Beatrice Hills Patricia O'Hara
11/08/2005 Mary Ann Boh Patricia O'Hara
11/08/2005 George Sprauge, Wanda Sprauge Patricia O'Hara
12/05/2005 Jean S. Jones Joyce K. Foley
01/31/2006 Mary Belle Noe Janet K. Barnett
02/03/2006 Robert Huey Smith Janet K. Barnett
02/03/2006 Jeanette Allen Smith Janet K. Barnett
02/27/2006 Clarence Harold Austin Georgia Dingus
03/23/2006 Robert F. Greene David Beasley
03/24/2006 Herbert R. Booth David Beasley
03/28/2006 Robert F. Greene David Beasley
03/31/2006 Zetta Lee Laws Georgia Dingus
04/07/2006 Watson G. Craft David Beasley
05/11/2006 Stephen D. Conrad, Betsy R. Conrad David Beasley
05/25/2006 Asa Rouse Janet Barnett
06/01/2006 Asa Rouse Janet Barnett
06/06/2006 Betty W. Sallee Janet Barnett
09/25/2006 Irene Patrick David Beasley
09/25/2006 Charles Patrick David Beasley
02/27/2007 Alberta Love Georgia Dingus