Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
Dorothy Ramey
John Elliott Beth Blevins
Otis Brasheak Patrick Ferrell
Charley Hill
Ann Cassidy Jeanne Gulley
Flora Highley Jenny Garrett
Charles Adkins
10/18/1976 Ethel Mae Coleman Walt Johnson
11/16/1976 James Martin Pratt Mary Luabbers
11/23/1976 Ray B. Moss Walt Johnson
12/02/1976 Jackie Howard Phyllis Hash
12/03/1976 Mrs. J.N. Smith Ron Day
12/04/1976 E.A. Ward Lloyd Edens
12/27/1976 Leslie Beach John Cawood
01/05/1977 Sherman Hensley John Cawood
02/10/1977 Minnie Price Ron Day
02/11/1977 Mattie C. Hodges Ron Day
02/19/1977 John Cawood Sr. John Cawood Jr.
02/22/1977 Ebb Nagle John Cawood
03/03/1977 Lela Wilson Kay Ballard
04/27/1977 C.W. Bailey Kay Ballard
05/18/1977 William A. Hoe Mark Smith
05/26/1977 Mrs. Kirby Smith Pat Ford
10/17/1977 Dave Wilson Mark Smith
10/18/1977 N.G. Fugate Belle Denham
12/08/1977 Versa Boyd Rosemary Colley
12/10/1977 J.H. Brooks (Dr.) Rosemary Colley
12/12/1977 Barton Massengill Rosemary Colley
12/13/1977 W.C. Broadwater Rosemary Colley
06/23/1978 William Witten Horton, Nellie Horton William Whitehill
06/26/1978 Arlee McFarland McKinney Debra Wilson
06/26/1978 Ellen Harter, Mary Johns, William Johns Debra Wilson
06/27/1978 Ted Yeary, Martha Parker Debra Wilson
06/27/1978 Doyle Eugene Byrd Debra Wilson
06/27/1978 Pauline W. Welch, Elta Garland Debra Wilson
07/04/1978 R.E. Howard Belle Denham
07/17/1978 Bascom L. Thompson William R. Whitehill
07/17/1978 Josie Shields Donaldson William R. Whitehill
07/20/1978 Glenmore Hogge William R. Whitehill
07/23/1978 Randolph Wade Richardson William R. Whitehill
07/24/1978 Arlee McFarland McKinney Debra Wilson
07/24/1978 Emma Ralston, Ruby Gault Debra Wilson
09/08/1978 Vivian F. Bell Ron Day
03/23/1979 Elwood J. Carr Ron Day
04/18/1979 William M. Slusher (Dr.) Ron Day
05/17/1979 S.H. Flowers (Dr.) Belle Denham
06/25/1979 Wayne Greene Ron Day
09/24/1979 Billy Edd Wheeler, Russell G. Miller Ron Day
02/20/1980 William Richard Knuckles Ron Day
11/03/1981 Thomas L. Hartman Joseph S. Marcum
09/01/1984 Anderson Wood Paula R. Evans
06/01/1985 Lucille Quintrell Scott Frances Hyde Gambrel
03/30/1991 Mary Rogers Louise Chawla
11/06/1992 Mary Frances "Frankie" Swartz, Ella D. Goodpaster, Edna Roselyn Vanlandingham Susan Crump etc.
11/20/1992 George P. Campbell Wendy Wilson etc.
12/04/1992 Rex Manley Robyn Rison etc.
12/15/1992 William Daniel Charles Jill Charles
12/30/1992 Frank Thomas Jones, Beulah Katherine Jones Holly Ratliff
02/03/1993 James P. Rawlings Jr. Jennifer S. Harris
02/05/1993 Irene Robinson Lori McAlister
03/03/1993 Tera Lee Rawlings Jennifer Harris
05/03/1993 Russ Metz Billy S. Easton
05/10/1993 James "Jim" Stamm Richard Carmichael
05/16/1993 Oscar Robinson Diana Humphries
05/24/1993 James K. Jones Andre Jones
05/25/1993 Farris Manley Brierley Beverly McCarty
06/01/1993 Byrd Perry Jr. Leslie Perry
Kentucky Historical Society

Bath County Oral History Project


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This collection began with the Kentucky Oral History Commission's effort to establish oral history programs in each of the state's 120 counties. County libraries worked with local volunteers to collect interviews. Since 1987; county oral histories have been generated primarily by recipients of technical assistance grants from the commission that provide training and equipment to volunteer interviewers. Interviews donated by independent researchers are also included. Interviews are also accessible at the Bell County Public Library. Copyright belongs to the Kentucky Oral History Commission for the following interviews:1976OH07.3 - 1976OH07.7; 1976OH07.9; 1976OH07.20; 1976OH07.22 - 1976OH07.23;1976OH07.28 - 1976OH07.42 Copyright belongs to the Middlesboro/Bell County Library for the following interviews:1976OH07.21; 1976OH07.24; 1976OH07.26 - 1976OH07.27