Datesort ascending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
11/13/2014 Scott Ross Joanna Hay
08/27/2014 Ann Stewart Anderson Joanna Hay
07/11/2014 Doris Thurber Joanna Hay
07/09/2014 Bob Lockhart Joanna Hay
07/09/2014 Virginia Piland Joanna Hay
06/25/2014 Charlotte 'Toddy' Price Joanna Hay
06/19/2014 Melanie VanHouten Joanna Hay
06/11/2014 Kathi B. Ellis Joanna Hay
06/04/2014 Dawn Schultz Campbell Joanna Hay
06/03/2014 Phyllis Free Joanna Hay
05/26/2014 Megan Burnett Joanna Hay
05/25/2014 Keith McGill Joanna Hay
05/07/2014 Matt Weir Joanna Hay
04/24/2014 Barbara Holstein Joanna Hay
04/24/2014 Nelson Schleiff Joanna Hay
04/24/2014 Iliana Lomeli Joanna Hay
04/22/2014 Colby Black Joanna Hay
04/22/2014 Justin Burton Joanna Hay
04/22/2014 Felicia Flesch Joanna Hay
04/19/2014 John Ferguson Joanna Hay
04/19/2014 William Bondurant Joanna Hay
04/18/2014 Gwen Heffner Joanna Hay
04/18/2014 Jonathan Clark Joanna Hay
04/09/2014 Debra Hille Joanna Hay
04/04/2014 Gwen Childs Joanna Hay
04/04/2014 Neal Colmer Joanna Hay
04/03/2014 Anne Peabody Joanna Hay
04/03/2014 Janet Northern Joanna Hay
04/02/2014 Dr. Jackie Burnside Joanna Hay
03/31/2014 Dr. Robert Boyce Joanna Hay
03/24/2014 Bob Montgomery Joanna Hay
03/24/2014 Craig 'Bobby' Thompson Joanna Hay
03/21/2014 Alfredo Escobar Joanna Hay
03/21/2014 Mayor Steve Connelly Joanna Hay
03/20/2014 Michelle Weston Joanna Hay
03/19/2014 Dianne Gilliam Joanna Hay
03/18/2014 Donna and Lewis Lamb Joanna Hay
03/14/2014 Lindy Evans Joanna Hay
03/13/2014 Ken Gastineau Joanna Hay
02/10/2014 Debra Hille Joanna Hay
Kentucky Historical Society

Art Makers: The Oral History of Public Art in Kentucky



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Art Makers: The Oral History of Public Art in Kentucky documents the relationship between public art, public artists, and their communities. Public art is a visual representation of the significant history, heritage, aesthetic, and cultural values of a community. The collection contains fifty-seven oral histories of Kentucky sculptors, muralists, architects, glass artists, blacksmiths, woodcarvers, jewelers, luthiers, batik artists, weavers, and basket makers.